XING Mobility Debuts Electric Powertrain Conversion Kit for a 1969 Camaro

Article By : Xing Mobility

XING Mobility has launched a fully-integrated electric conversion kit, complete with an advanced modular battery system, high-power AC induction motor and transmission adapter for the electric vehicle conversion market.

XING Mobility, an electric vehicle (EV) technology provider has launched a fully-integrated electric conversion kit, complete with an advanced modular battery system, high-power AC induction motor and transmission adapter for the electric vehicle conversion market. It mirrors a traditional crate engine in its plug-and-play deployment and is the first integrated engine replacement product that features a fully customizable battery pack and direct transmission adapter.

The complete system will be displayed for the first time at this week’s SEMA Show 2019, showcased inside a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro to demonstrate its extremely easy installation and highly adaptable nature. The system is designed to provide custom tuning shops, electric conversion garages, professional ‘hot-rodders’, and even experienced home car builders with a safe-to-install, high performance and fully-integrated electric powertrain set up.

The heart of XING Mobility’s kit is the patented Immersio™ Modular Battery System, that can be assembled like building blocks to meet a huge variety of configurations based on the size, shape and power needs of the vehicle. Allowing builders to move away from repurposing used battery packs and drivetrains from salvaged Teslas, the pack is comprised of brand new, UN-Certified modules that are purpose-designed for safer, more reliable and more sustainable electric conversions.

The pack utilizes a breakthrough immersion cooling technology, submerging the battery cells directly 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid, a non-conductive fluid that enables improved cell temperature uniformity and superior heat control. Immersion cooling in electric vehicles is now widely considered to be the most effective method of cooling and ensures significantly higher power output rates and ultra-fast charging. The cooling technology enhances the lifecycle of the battery to as many as 3,000 charge cycles and requires very little maintenance over its operation lifetime. Crucially, the cooling fluid also contains fire-suppressing properties, which limits the potential for thermal runaway within the pack even in cases of damage or puncture, making the technology extremely safe during the install and usage of the battery.

Also part of the EV Conversion Kit is XING Mobility’s XEVO-Matic™ Transmission Adapter, a technology that allows for high-power induction motors to be installed directly onto the existing transmission systems without requiring major modification or tooling. The technology is immediately compatible with the GM LS series transmissions but can also be adapted to match other powertrain systems. In the case of the ’69 Camaro conversion, XING Mobility has integrated a 450V high-power, lightweight AC Induction motor with accompanying DCU, with a peak output of 320 horsepower and 17 ft • lb of torque from 0-4,500 rpm, but offers a range of single, dual and multi motor options based on the needs of their customers.

With all necessary components already integrated into the kit, including the battery management system, DC/DC conversion units, throttle and controls, cooling kits, and high voltage electrical cables, the technology requires little prior knowledge or experience of handling electric and high voltage components. XING Mobility Co-founder and CTO Azizi Tucker indicated, “We’re excited about the prospect of helping an increasing number of car builders to electrify their projects. Our customers know mechanical installations but are often unfamiliar with battery and high voltage systems. With XING Mobility’s conversion products, we provide a system that is as close to a conventional crate engine as possible in terms of being fast and safe to install, leaving our customers to focus on what they do best: making, driving and racing high-performance, high-quality builds”.

The complete system featured in the classic American muscle car will be on show from 5-8 November at the SEMA Show’s First Time & Featured section, located in the Performance Pavilion at Booth #50904.

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