World’s First Blockchain TV with Decentralized Applications

Article By : ioeX

Taiwanese startup ioeX announces partnership with QUUBE to develop the world’s first blockchain TV (QuuMoney TV) with decentralized applications.

Taiwanese startup ioeX extends partnership with JVC strategic partner ThinkSmart to further their global partnerships. After the conclusion of CES2019 in January, ioeX has officially announced a partnership with QUUBE to combine QUUBE software with the ioeX network to build the world’s first blockchain TV product line (QuuMoney TV) with decentralized applications. QUUBE software will be loaded on JVC smart TVs starting in the second half of 2019 for sale in countries such as North America, Western Europe, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

ioeX User Reward Mechanism Expects Integration of Blockchain Tech into Daily Life

QuuMoney TV is built upon Android TV Platform (Android 9.0) and provides decentralized, point-to-point communications and applications. Users can use QuuMoney TV to watch designated programming and earn “Quu Coin (QUUBE)” in addition to earning IOEX when contributing to the ioeX network. Users can use Quu to purchase QUUBE services such as movies and deductions to their monthly TV bills; additionally, Quu will be tradeable with other cryptocurrencies listed in exchanges.

Joint Building of a Personalized Ecosystem for Blockchain TVs, ioeX Ups Ante with Distributed Network Integration

The blockchain series of QuuMoney TVs will be developed with functions including: QuuShare – allows users to use QuuMoney TV as a private cloud for remote data access and backup; QuuChat – allows users to chat privately without any intermediaries using decentralization; QuuMoney TV will create a platform where users can watch and share user generated content (UGC).

ioeX will also be implementing the DID functions of Elastos into the QuuMoney TV series of products. DID was implemented in Liberty Korea Party’s blockchain voting and petition system that allowed consumers to use decentralized login mechanisms and better protect personal data without needing to learn new steps.

ioeX has developed many decentralized applications on Elastos Carrier and constructed a distributed network for enterprise purposes to support multi-faceted enterprise and commercial services such as enterprise file backup and software OTA updates. ioeX will support QUUBE TV in continued development, updates, and upgrades.

Throughout 2019, ioeX will complete development on various application functions for users to truly experience smart decentralized applications. ioeX will be integrated into the smart products of major brands through strategic partnerships and bring decentralized mechanisms to traditional functions and effectively scale networks through the sale of branded products to provide even better services.

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