Wide Screen POS Terminal Makes Customer Service Simple

Article By : Clientron

Clientron Corp. unveils the new smart mate series - PT2600, which comes with two system core engines, provides multi value added functionality and creates unlimited possibilites.

Whether you’re running a restaurant, hardware store, or another type of retail establishment, a fully integrated point of sale system offers numerous benefits. Today, there are plenty of options, but few match the versatility of Clientron’s PT2600 Wide Screen POS Terminal.  Read on to learn about this system’s benefits.

An all-in-one POS system like the PT2600 provides merchants with everything they need in a point-of-sale solution, bundled into a sleek, efficient package. You’ll enjoy features such as a 15.6-inch PC touchscreen display, a powerful Intel 7th gen processor, a standard VESA mount that offers numerous foot stand options and easy installation, maintenance, and system expansion. With an additional LAN port, it’s easy to connect a payment terminal to the PT2600. Printer stands, cameras, WiFi, barcode scanners, customer displays, and other peripherals are available.

The PT2600 has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Its Intel Core 7th gen processor is extremely energy-efficient, but it’s still powerful enough to handle multiple tasks at once. When you can get more done within a short time, it’s easier to give customers the prompt, professional service they deserve.

Most retail establishments lack counter space, but with the PT2600, it’s not a significant concern. This all-in-one system has a small ergonomic footprint that saves space and creates a neat and uncluttered appearance. Furthermore, the PT2600’s footprint makes it easier and more comfortable for employees to do their jobs. It can be quite difficult to run multiple peripherals in a limited area, but this system’s ergonomics simplify processes and reduce the risk of employee errors.

Along with its comfort and utility, the PT2600 is easy to use. With peripherals that are guaranteed to be 100% compatible, this system is easy for business owners to set up, use, and maintain.

Though the upfront investment may depend on the peripheral selection and other factors, Clientron’s PT2600 all-in-one POS system helps to keep long-term costs down. Because the system and its peripherals are all coming from a single vendor, the maintenance process is streamlined, and business owners will save a substantial sum over the equipment’s life cycle.

Additionally, while it’s difficult to customize a point-of-sale system consisting of peripherals from several vendors, we’ve made it easy. Because the PT2600’s peripherals are guaranteed to be compatible, it’s easier to make low-cost adjustments.

And, if these benefits weren’t convincing enough, the system’s uniformly durable components may increase its life expectancy. Clients won’t have to replace their equipment as often, and when that time comes, low- or no-cost field serviceability may be a viable option.

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