Achieving High Defect Coverage for Safety Critical and High Reliability Designs

Designing automotive ICs to meet the power, performance and area needs of the autonomous vehicle is challenging and requires new system architectures optimized for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Beyond these requirements, these ICs need to function with exceptional reliability and accuracy for much longer periods of time compared to ICs in consumer markets. […]


How to improve Modelsim Simulation Performance

This webinar will discuss 2 simulation speed aspects of Modelsim. The first one is what hardware specification is recommended to maximum simulation speed and the second one is what can the user do to improve simulation speed without changing the hardware. Issues such as coding style, running the profiler and architectural issues will be […]

RIGOL Technologies

How to implement waveform reconstruction by function generator & oscilloscope

Waveform reconstruction technique is an innovative way to simulate and perform some unpredictable events which is generated by some device under test. It was widely used in Bio-medical electronics even ultrasonics application industry. Because it’s hard and time consuming to compile some irregular waveform by function generator directly, so we can capture the waveform […]

EDOM Technology, ELCOM, Weston Robot

Get started on your AI learning today – NVIDIA Jetson Introduction and Application Sharing

Deloitte predicts the AI edge market will grow from 2020’s 750 million units to 1.6 billion  units in 2024, with CAGR over 20%. The session will go over the AI edge markets and applications that are happening in the world today, the challenges in developing an AI product, and how NVIDIA’s strong hardware, software, […]

STMicroelectronics (ST)

Leverage the new features of the STM32 ecosystem to enhance your STM32U5 designs

Watch this 1-hour webinar to discover how to leverage the extensive features of STM32CubeIDE & STM32CubeMX for the STM32U5 MCUs, the industry’s most power-saving microcontrollers. The new STM32U5 series offers advanced power-saving microcontrollers based on Arm® Cortex®-M33, which meet the most demanding power/performance requirements for smart applications, including wearables, personal medical devices, home automation, […]


Design and Implementation of Future EV, Green Energy and Power System by Using Wolfspeed SiC

Wolfspeed Introduction Introduction of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Advantages of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Wolfspeed SiC Application Design EV Fast Charing 3-Phase 2-Level Active Front End (AFE)| Bi-directional 20-30KW A/NPC, TNPC AC-DC Converter| Bi-directional 20-30KW Cascade LLC/ 2 Level LLC DC-DC Converter| Bi-directional Wolfspeed SiC in DC Fast Charger Application Solar Power 60kW SiC Based Interleaved […]

RIGOL Technologies

How to Conquer High Speed Digital Test Challenge

High speed digital transmission is the hottest topic among current serial or parallel bus communication. In order to solve the signal integrity issue, eye diagram inspection and jitter performance verification become more crucial for engineer to judge how well the analog waveform will be and how to decomposite the inteference sources in further. This […]


Traveo II and PSoC 4

In this session, we want to introduce Infineon microcontrollers, Traveo II and PSoC 4. Both microcontrollers are designed for automotive applications. Traveo II can be found in applications; Body Comfort Module (BCM), instrument cluster and head up display. While PSoC being a small system, is used in applications such as door access, hands-on detection […]


【Live】2021 Global CEO Summit

Global New Industrial Strategy The world is entering a new decade suffering a major public health crisis. The pandemic has jolted the supply chain and altered global electronics industry patterns. In the face of such disruption, how can electronics industry professionals help rethink the framework for global technology collaboration? How do we accurately define […]


EE Tech Summits

Thank you for your patience. Please click the link below to participate this survey. Your insights would be very valuable in our efforts to further improve our webinars. Thank you! Survey link: Organizer Co-Organizer Presentation Partners   Introduction Creating the future with the electronics industry and changing the world with engineers One half […]