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Creating the future with the electronics industry and changing the world with engineers

One half a century, EE Times, firstly issued in 1972, has been committed to reporting on the latest update on cutting-edge electronics technology. EE Times is seeing the growth and prosperity of global high-tech industry. It has also witnessed the engineering community’s infinite creativity and R&D capability that enabled the advent and widespread application of PCs, smartphones, and IoT and AI devices. The ever-evolving technology has enabled everyone to enjoy security and convenience in their daily lives. It has become a crucial driving force to sustain the world economy and society as it drives the operational efficiency and productivity across various sectors. When an epidemic ravages the world, we feel all the more keenly that electronics technologies are the very key for the world to endure its challenges. More importantly, they are the indispensable help for all to shake off the gloom and go back to our normal lives. No matter how the world changes, all those working in the electronics industry remained dedicated to their jobs, driving the technological achievements to benefit everyone worldwide.

Technological innovations and R&D achievements deserve celebration and promotion. The passion and mission of electronics engineers should continue, and the industry should encourage the younger generations to join their ranks, leverage technologies and innovations to help solve the problems of the world. This is why we have chosen Taiwan—the hub of the global industry chain—to launch EE Awards Asia, which is our way of recognizing the extraordinary achievements in the electronics industry. Being a long-term observer and partner of the electronics industry, we aspire to play our part in the development of the community.

EE Awards Asia integrated with virtual hybrid and physical events to arrange live EE Award Ceremony and online EE Tech Summits which aims to achieve the “Creating the future with the electronics industry and changing the world with engineers”. Ensure your company take this opportunity and advantages with EE Times to support Taiwan and Asia EE people’s innovation and efforts! Join us with senior industry leaders and experts to share their insights into the market and future technology trends.



Time   Topic/ Presenter
13:30 – 13:35  Welcome speech 

Stephen Las Marias, Editor, EE Times Asia

13:35 – 13:55 Envision Taiwan Si-nnovation Island

Stan Shih, Founder & Honorary Chairman, Acer Group / Chairman of StanShih Foundation

13:55 – 14:15  Reimagining the foundry partnership model amid the global chip shortage

Michael Wang, Associate Vice President, Corporate Marketing, UMC

14:15 – 14:35 Taiwan’s ICT Industry Opportunities Beyond Pandemic

Stephen Su, VP and General Director of Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center, ITRI

14:35 – 15:00  Comprehensive SiP Enabling New System Integration

Dr. CP Hung, Vice President of Corporate R&D, ASE Group

15:00 – 15:15   Intelligent Power Solutions for Fast EV Charging

Lawrence Chuang, Head of Taiwan Region, onsemi

15:15 – 15:40 Provide the Ultimate Silicon Solution for Every Display System

Mr. Raymond Wang, Chief Executive Officer, Solomon Systech

15:40 – 15:55 Addressing Tomorrow Test & Measurement Challenges 

David Lo, Deputy General Manager, Field Marketing, Keysight Taiwan

15:55 – 16:15 Revolutionizing real-time control, networking and analytics with high-performance MCUs

Mike Pienovi, General Manager of Sitara™ MCU, Texas Instruments

16:15 – 16:55 The Memory Role in AIoT Era

Alex Chang, DRAM Senior Marketing Manager, Winbond


Presenter Profile 

Stan Shih, Founder & Honorary Chairman, Chairman of StanShih Foundation / Acer Group 

Stan Shih is the Chairman of StanShih Foundation, Co-founder & Honorary Chairman of the Acer Group. Throughout his career and all his life , he has been a social entrepreneur From January 2017, he serve s as the Honorary Chairman, Major League IoT to promote rapid transformation of Taiwan industry to face critical challenges in the future.

Mr. Shih serves on the boards of Acer .., Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation and Chinese Television System , the former boards of TSMC. He is the Chairman of Cloud Gate Culture and Arts Foundation, the Head of Taiwan Connection Fun Club, One Song Orchestra Fun Club, the Convener of the Cultural Tech Alliance, Taiwan and the Chairman of t he association, CT Ambi Invest ment and Consulting Inc. Besides, he acts as the commissioner of the Reform for Resilience Commission.

Mr. Shih had the honor of beings elected as One of the 10 Most Outstanding Young Persons in Taiwan in 1976, The Most Outstanding Young Engineer in Taiwan in 1981 and the 1st One of the 10 Most Outstanding Young Persons in the World in 1983. He is a former Chairman of the Asia Business council and a former International Advisory Board (IAB) member of the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), a Governor of the Asian Institute of Management, and an Honorary Chairman of the Taiwan Excelle nt Brand Association. After retir ing from Acer in 2004, he acted as the Chairman of National Culture and Arts Foundation from 2011 to 2016 to build up the platform between Arts and Business actively. BusinessWeek named Mr. Shih one of its 25 Top Managers of the Year in 1996. Time featured him in its article “60 years of Asian Heroes” for turning Taiwan into a PC manufacturing powerhouse. In 2007, Mr. Shih, as Taiwan’s Special Envoy, attended the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Summit in Sydney, Australia. For his outstanding, long term contributions, the Pres ident honored him with the Order of Brilliant Star with Grand Cordon in Oct ober 2011 and the 1st Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Laureate in 2012.

Mr. Shih earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and honora ry Ph.D in electronics engineering from the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorat e of Technology by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and an Honorary Doctor of In ternation al Law from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


Michael Wang, Associate Vice President, Corporate Marketing/ UMC

Michael has over 30 years of semiconductor industry experience, working for both fabless and fab companies in areas including memory and logic IC design, product development management, and technical and strategic marketing. In 2019, Michael joined UMC in Taiwan to head its Corporate Marketing division, which is responsible for market research, strategic market assessment, and foundry technology marketing. Michael is actively involved in promoting semiconductor industry’s development and collaboration, having been affiliated with a number of associations over the years, including IEEE, GSA, JEDEC, WSTS and TSIA.


Stephen Su, General Director of Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center/ ITRI

Stephen Su is currently the Vice President and General Director of Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center (ISTI) at Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan. He is in charge of market research in industry economic and technology trends and promotion for international R&D collaboration. He has extensive experience in international management, including high-tech industry and strategy consulting services.

Prior to that, he was the General Director of Industrial Economic and Knowledge Center (IEK) at ITRI, a Principal in Roland Berger Strategy Consultants based in Shanghai, a Senior Director in charge of mobile phone accessory business division for Primax Electronics in Taipei, a Project Leader in Boston Consulting Group (BCG) based in Hong Kong, and an Applications Engineer in the Semiconductor Group of Motorola based in Phoenix. His professional specialties include Strategy, Performance Improvement, Organization Change Management, Reengineering, and Marketing. Stephen received BS in Electronic/Computer Engineering from UC Berkeley, MS in Electronics from California Institute of Technology, and MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


Dr. CP Hung, Vice President of Corporate R&D/ ASE Group

Dr. CP Hung currently holds the position of Vice President, Corporate R&D, at ASE Group. Based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, he leads teams responsible for next-generation product development featuring integrated technologies, as well as a broad range of advanced chip, package, and system integration solutions.

During his tenure, Dr. Hung has performed a variety of management roles at ASE, including VP of Corporate Design, VP of Central Engineering & Business Development and VP of Logistic Services Integration. He holds 167 patents encompassing IC packaging structure, process, substrate and characterization technology. He has also published over 62 conference and journal papers.

Dr. Hung has being the SEMICON Taiwan PKG & TEST Committee Chair since 2013, IEEE EPS Board of Governor since 2019.


Lawrence Chuang, Head of Taiwan Region/ onsemi 

Lawrence Chuang is onsemi Head of Taiwan Region, who also heads the sales efforts for computing, communications, automotive and industrial segments.. Lawrence has more than 20 years of experience in semiconductor and IT industries. Lawrence started his career at Inventec Corp. as a hardware engineer for computing and wireless applications. Prior to joining onsemi, he worked at Philips Semiconductor for regional sales and marketing for computing, consumer and communication applications.


Mr. Raymond Wang, Chief Executive Officer/ Solomon Systech

Mr. Raymond Wang is a chartered engineer with over 30 years’ extensive experience in the semiconductor industry. He has been the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Solomon Systech since 2020 and was the Corporate VP and Head of Advanced Display Business for many years. Before joining Solomon Systech, he held certain senior management and operational positions in Motorola Inc and worked in Hong Kong, the United States of America (USA) and Canada. He was the Asia Pacific Head of RFWaves Ltd. In Israel.


David Lo, Deputy General Manager, Field Marketing/ Keysight Taiwan

David Lo is currently Greater China Electronic Industry marketing segment manager and deputy general manager of Keysight Taiwan marketing.
He has more than 25 years of electronic Test & Measurement industry experience, and currently responsible for broad market development in GC. Before marketing position, David had several roles in account management and sales management for target accounts in Taiwan.
David Lo hold master’s degree in Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University and EMBA, National Taiwan University.


Mike Pienovi, General Manager of Sitara™ MCU/ Texas Instruments

Mike Pienovi is the general manager of TI’s Sitara™ microcontroller business. Mike’s business is focused on developing general-purpose and high-performance microcontrollers for a broad set of industrial and automotive applications with an emphasis on real-time control, communications, signal processing, functional safety and security.

Prior to this role, Mike managed the Sitara processor business, where he helped to shape the vision and investments for TI’s lineup of low-power, general-purpose processors. He has also held several leadership roles in sales and marketing throughout his career. Mike holds a bachelor of science in marketing and a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Santa Clara University.


Alex Chang, DRAM Senior Marketing Manager/ Winbond

Alex Chang is a DRAM Marketing , Sr. Manager at Winbond Electronics Corporation America, with more than 20 years of experience in Memory. Alex holds a master degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California.


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