【Live】2020 Global CEO Summit

The world is entering a new decade suffering a major public health crisis. The pandemic has jolted the supply chain…

Silicon... 2020/10/20
Silicon Labs / Arrow

Digital Isolation for Industrial Automation Equipment

Webinar Introduction In this webinar, firstly, Mike will review the Silicon Labs’ Isolation portfolio generally. Then, the topic will mainly…

Maxim 2020/04/22

Simplifying Supercapacitor Backup Applications using MAX38888

The presentation is about the use of supercapacitor for power backup applications. It starts with a refresh on what are…

Arrow&a... 2020/09/28

Shield 96 board introduction

The Shield96 reference platform provides a secure solution with Microchip devices applicable across all IoT verticals. This trusted Linux turn-key…

Mentor 2020/09/21

How to run and debug LVS effectively

Learn how to leverage the full power of Calibre nmLVS. This presentation will teach you to effectively use Mentor Graphics…

Mentor 2020/09/15

Fill Solutions with Calibre YieldEnhancer

Fill has been essential to the successful manufacturing of IC designs for many nodes. Adding non-functional polygons (dummy) to open…

Intel&a... 2020/09/10

Creating Smart Future-Intel OpenVINO

Webinar Introduction With rising popularity of AI and the combination of AI concepts with Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, the…

Mentor 2020/09/10

How to run Calibre effectively for DRC closure

As IC design teams benefit from rapidly developing advanced process nodes in the past decades, the design challenges are also…

Mentor 2020/08/25

New Tools to Accelerate Silicon Debug and Bring-Up

Learn how to overcome new chip bring-up issues by viewing this webinar presented by presented by experts from two of…

Mentor 2020/08/20

Optimizing Time to Bug / Questa Simulation Productivity – What’s New in Functional Verification from Mentor: Session 1

Just like time and the tides, the complexity of electronic systems, and the need to verify that they will function…