【Live】2022 Global CEO Summit

The Theme of The Summit: Sensing the World, Perceiving the Future       Roundtable Discussion Topic: Global Semiconductor Cycle Variables and Coping Strategies   In the history of scientific and technological progress, we have been searching for a better way and a more comprehensive viewpoint to sense the world. The 5th Global CEO Summit hosted by AspenCore […]


Infineon : Ready-to-use sensor solutions for Automotive, Industrial and Consumer

*Ready-to-use Sensor Solutions for Automotive, Industrial and Consumer* Increasing requirement for higher accuracy and fast data transmission are fuelling the trend towards more intelligent sensors. Infineon provides more than one million sensor per day and offers the broadest sensor portfolio in the market. Presenter Dr. Frank Findeis Senior Vice President & General Manager, Automotive […]

Apacer Technology

The Simplest Solution for Industrial Applications to Fight Back Against Ransomware

This webinar will introduce a collaborative project produced by Apacer and ASUS Cloud. This new protection technology for enterprise data security. Among other functions, it allows users to back up and restore all data on an SSD in just one second, making it a system disaster’s savior. This gives industrial manufacturers a powerful tool […]


MOSFIT: Infineon Automotive MOSFET Riding Innovative Design

At Infineon we are committed to maintaining our innovation leadership in automotive MOSFET. From the Top Side cooling package in 10x12mm2 to the newly developed Half Bridge 5x6mm2 leadless package for motor drive and body applications, our MOSFETs are available in variety packages for ultimate design flexibility. Click Below to Learn More Automotive MOSFET Products […]


Infineon Automotive MOSFET Addressing The Market Development & World Class Quality

While new automotive features bring more enjoyment, convenience and greater safety to driver and road, MOSFETs behind these applications can be a source of failure. Infineon keeps your MOSFET-related failures to an absolute minimum by going above and beyond AEC-Q101 qualification standard. Click Below to Learn More Delivering quality for your business success – […]


Functional Safety and Security in NOR Memories

In this webinar we will learn about the SEMPER™ NOR Flash memory family which is Infineon’s high-performance, safe, and reliable NOR Flash solution that integrates critical safety features for a broad range of applications spanning automotive, industrial, communications, and more. With SEMPER™ NOR Flash memory, Infineon delivers the industry’s fi­rst ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D […]


XENSIV™ TLE4972 – Infineon coreless current sensor is ideal for xEV applications like traction inverters used in hybrid and battery-driven vehicles, as well as for battery main switches

XENSIV™ TLE4972, addresses ATV applications such as electric drives etc. The coreless open loop current sensor offers an accurate and stable current measurement – provided as an analog output voltage. Based on Infineon’s market-proven temperature and stress compensation the measurement error is very low with proper calibration. TLE4972 adopts differential measurement concept which suppresses […]


Calibre Full Chip Integration & Interface flows

Calibre DESIGNrev tool is a fast and flexible chip-finishing platform that helps speed up design completion and tape-outs by rapidly loading, displaying, and editing large GDSII and OASIS layouts whereas the Calibre Foreign Database Interface (FDI) utilities enable LEF, DEF, and OpenAccess read/write as well as Oasis to DEF back annotation & LEFDEF DRC […]


Achieving High Defect Coverage for Safety Critical and High Reliability Designs

Designing automotive ICs to meet the power, performance and area needs of the autonomous vehicle is challenging and requires new system architectures optimized for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Beyond these requirements, these ICs need to function with exceptional reliability and accuracy for much longer periods of time compared to ICs in consumer markets. […]


How to improve Modelsim Simulation Performance

This webinar will discuss 2 simulation speed aspects of Modelsim. The first one is what hardware specification is recommended to maximum simulation speed and the second one is what can the user do to improve simulation speed without changing the hardware. Issues such as coding style, running the profiler and architectural issues will be […]