Virtual prototyping accelerates software dev’t

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SoReal! Virtual Platform, based on Synopsys' Virtualiser solution, enables customers to develop, deploy and use virtual prototypes.

Faraday Technology and Synopsys have recently announced the expansion of Faraday's design services to include a virtual prototyping solution. Faraday's SoReal<img alt=" Virtual Platform, based on Synopsys' Virtualiser solution, enables Faraday's customers to develop, deploy and use virtual prototypes to accelerate software development up to a year before silicon is available.

Building on Faraday's SoCreative SoC development platform's success, the SoReal Virtual Platform is now extended with SystemC models of the Faraday A380 dual-core SoC, which contains high-speed interface IP modules including USB, DDR, etc. This complete platform is available as a Virtualiser Development Kit (VDK), offering extended debug capabilities and easy distribution to software engineers. VDKs are software development kits that use a virtual prototype as a target to accelerate embedded software development, integration and test.
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Figure 1: Using virtual IO, the embedded software is able to test the Host PC application or physical devices. Faraday provides USB model with virtual IO on Synopsys’ Virtualiser.
"Synopsys' Virtualiser is essential for the efficient creation of virtual prototypes using SystemC-based transaction-level models," said Flash Lin, COO at Faraday Technology. "The latest release of Virtualiser with the new Virtualiser Studio IDE allows us, and our customers, to quickly create, extend and customise the SoReal! Virtual Platform to start software development earlier. As we expand our portfolio of ASIC services, we are pleased to use Synopsys' leading virtual prototyping solution to help our customers accelerate their software development schedules."

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