TVS diodes secure high-speed interfaces in wearables

Article By : Toshiba

The TVS diodes are fabricated with EAP-IV process that utilises Toshiba’s snapback technology for improved system reliability.

Toshiba has released a line of low-capacitance TVS diodes that targets high-speed interfaces in mobile devices like smartphones, tablet PCs and wearable devices. The said line-up covers 10 products to protect high-speed interfaces (USB 3.0/3.1 and HDMI).

The series offers five products for 3.3V lines and five for 5.0V lines, allowing users to select the product that matches the required interface voltage of their system. The TVS diodes are fabricated with a newly developed EAP-IV process, which utilises Toshiba’s proprietary snapback technology. It improves dynamic resistance by approximately 50%, realising a low clamping voltage; as well as static electricity tolerance by approximately 75% compared to other Toshiba products, which can contribute to improvements in system reliability.

Also, depending on the mounting space of sets, users have a choice of three packages. “SOD-962 (SL2)” (0.62mm x 0.32mm) and “SOD-882(CST2)” (1.0mm x 0.6mm) are small-size packages suited for multi-ports including the increasingly adopted USB Type-C. The flow-through “DFN10” package (2.5mm x 1.0mm) reduces the inductance that occurs from wiring.

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