TTA Enhances Digital Strategies to Empower Startups to Seize Post-Pandemic Business Opportunities

Article By : Taiwan Tech Arena

Taiwan Tech Arena has initiated three key digital transformation strategies to continue empowering global startups in the post-pandemic era.

This month, Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) has initiated “Optimized Service, Maximized Exposure, and Continued Growth,” three key digital transformation strategies to continue empowering global startups in the post-pandemic era. Through digitization of services, the initiative aims to empower startups to seize international business opportunities via OMO (Online-Merge-Offline) international exhibitions, zero-boundary resource connections, and TTA one-stop digital service official website.

Key International Exhibitions—Featured Tech Startups and Maximum Media Exposure

As part of “Maximized Exposure” strategy, TTA is leading startups to participate in 10 internationally renowned exhibitions. Selected startups join the exhibitions through OMO marketing integration approach which enables them to seize global business opportunities and maximizes Taiwan startup brand exposure.

TTA selected 50 startups from nationwide applicants to showcase at this year’s VivaTech and MWC in June. TTA will continue to recruit and select top-notched startups to join other key international startups exhibitions which includes TechXLR8 Asia in July, TechCrunch Disrupt in September, Web Summit in November, and the world’s most influential tech event—CES in January 2022. To join the abovementioned exhibitions, startups nationwide are welcome to submit their application at by August 6.

Diversified Online Networking Activities to Facilitate Continued Growth and Foster a Vibrant Ecosystem

Undeterred by restrictions of virtual events, TTA continues to creatively host various online activities and meetups as part of “Continued Growth” strategy to build multiple communication channels for ecosystem partners while overcoming the time and space barriers.

This month, TTA joined hands with Foodland Ventures, Taiwan’s only foodtech startup accelerator, to hold a TTA Corporate Partner Networking session featuring innovative food delivery to participant’s door and sharing of valuable experience by entrepreneurs who quickly turned crises into opportunities. TTA is also launching a new series of TTA Talk next month. The first session in August will focus on precision medicine while the next two sessions will revolve around the themes of social innovation and female entrepreneurship. TTA hopes that experience shared by esteemed industry representatives and entrepreneurs can inspire Taiwan’s academia and researchers as well as demonstrate the positive social impact innovation can bring.

TTA OMO Platform: One-Stop Digital Solution in the Post-Pandemic Era

Through TTA’s “Optimized Service” strategy, startups only need to upload their information to TTA website to be linked to several other major online databases. Such exposure enables them to attract attention of domestic and foreign investors in addition to potential business partners.

TTA OMO platform provides accurate matching service and serve as a highly effective marketing tool. The platform is linked to TTA virtual pavilion digital promotion content and can efficiently provide enterprises and investors with information of startups they are interested in. What’s more, the platform will serve as an international fundraising platform that links global and inter-ministerial resources to reflect fundraising performance of TTA startups. Lastly, TTA website will integrate a 24/7 bilingual chatbot to automatically guide users to the corresponding information based on their requests. All these functions will gradually be completed by mid-October to provide high-quality digitalized service to our startups and others in our vibrant ecosystem.


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