Trump’s ‘Made in USA’ plan may face legal, supply chain hurdles

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It’s easier said than done, according to Pegatron Chairman Tung, to take IT manufacturing jobs back to U.S. soil.

US President-elect Donald Trump might need to face legal challenges if he makes true in bringing back IT products manufacturing to the United States, said Tung Tzu-hsien, chairman of major iPhone manufacturer Pegatron.

Tung, president of the Taipei Computer Association (TAC), was speaking to the press after a ceremony to kick off TAC’s IT Month in Taipei. He was referring to Trump's plan to take IT manufacturing jobs back to the United States, which Tung said would require feasible laws that would not be used to restrict technological advancements.

Complicated supply chains

The current structure of IT supply chains is complicated, which could make it difficult for the Trump administration to soon enact changes. IT manufacturing covers numerous sectors, including materials and components supply, IC design and chip-making.

He said that Trump’s campaign promise may not necessarily translate into actual policies or laws. As laws are created to protect lives and property, no one president could dictate private businesses and their investments.

As of late, there have been no official discussions on moving IT manufacturing back to the United States.

Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has said that the "Made in the USA" campaign has been putting pressure on Taiwan companies.

Economic Affairs Deputy Minister Shen Jong-chin has said that technology companies, along with others, had raised concerns on the possible return of IT manufacturing to the US. The MOEA is looking into how or what future impact Trump policies could bring on employment, tax revenue and economic productivity.

Shen said the government would closely monitor upcoming US policy directions, particularly on economic and trade policies affecting the region and Taiwan-US relations.

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