Transforming Hi-reliability Electronics

Article By : The Occam Group

The Occam Process reverses traditional component assembly by removing its greatest vulnerability.

A game-changing component assembly methodology will transform product confidence in the harshest environments.

Most electronic manufacturing defects are related to the soldering process, and most field failures occur as a result of solder weaknesses such as fatigue due to shock and vibration and/or repeated thermal excursions in operations or rework.

The Occam Process is a game-changing solderless assembly technology that reorders the way electronic components are assembled, greatly improving reliability and performance, while significantly reducing product size and cost.

With Occam, solder related failures are eliminated because solder itself is eliminated. The Occam approach bypasses the weakest link, inherently driving up product reliability while opening the door to a host of new capabilities and benefits for product designers.

“Occam isn’t just a new process but a reordering of current methods. It is an enabling technology allowing the industry to move toward a future where higher reliability, lower costs and less environmental impact are the norm. Occam will transform the industry into something substantially simpler and better,” said Joe Fjelstad, Occam inventor.


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