Toshiba packages 60V, 100V photorelays in S-VSON4

Article By : Toshiba

The additions to Toshiba's photorelays packaged in S-VSON4 target DPS applications that require voltage variation for automotive ICs.

The Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Co. of Toshiba Corp. has launched two high-current products, the 60V TLP3407S and the 100V TLP3409S, adding to the company's line-up of photorelays packaged in S-VSON4. The company claims the package offers the industry's smallest mounting area.

The new products provide high voltages while retaining the features of TLP3406S, already currently in the S-VSON4 line-up, which offers a 30V voltage with large on-state current rating and small size. The higher voltages provide support for DPS applications, such as SoC testers, which require voltage variation for automotive ICs.

According to Toshiba, its S-VSON4 package has a 22.5% smaller mounting area than the current VSON4 package. This series also pushes operating temperature to a new high, from 85°C to 110°C. It contributes to improved design efficiency by reducing the size of the tester board, increasing the number of relay circuits, and further improving integration density, the company noted.


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