Toshiba extends photorelay max temperature to 110°C

Article By : Vivek Nanda

The higher operating temperature helps Toshiba meet demand for such applications as semiconductor testers.

Toshiba Corp.'s Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Co. has launched a new line-up of its small package "VSON4 Series" photorelays to push the maximum operating temperature in the range from 85°C to 110°C.

Use of photorelays at higher temperatures is increasing in various applications, according to Toshiba. To meet that demand, the company extended the operating temperature of the 12 products in the 2.45mm(L)×1.45mm(W)×1.3mm(H) small package "VSON4 Series" so that they now cover a total range of -40°C to 110°C.

[Toshiba VSON4 Photorelays (cr)]
Figure 1: VSON4 lineup and main specs. (Source: Toshiba)

The photorelays are targeted at applications including semiconductor testers, probe cards and replacements for mechanical relays.

Shipment of the new photorelays has already started.

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