Thermo Fisher Webinar on FT-IR Spectroscopy in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Article By : Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher will be holding a webinar on gas and chemicals analysis for semiconductor manufacturing using FTIR solutions.

As semiconductor technology advanced towards single nm node scales, the requirements in purity and accuracy of specialty gas and chemicals used in the production process become paramount. Process analytical technology (PAT) is an essential solution to provide online monitoring status of the gas and chemicals when they are in production or used in semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Among the various PAT, Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR)—Mid IR range and Near IR range—offer significant advantages compared to other techniques, such as wet chemical methods.

FT-IR spectroscopy is non-destructive and requires no sample preparation. In addition, it provides real-time results. A single measurement within a minute can provide multiple parameters including moisture, chemical concentration, and even physical parameters, such as particle size. This makes FT-IR a perfect PAT solution for online or inline process monitoring and quality control.

Another beauty of the technique is that it’s not limited by the types of samples. It works for liquids, slurries, pastes, solids, and also gases. The FTIR gas analyzer can analyze up to 30 different gases in a single measurement and the detection limit can be in ppb level. It’s widely used for gas purity and mixture analysis.

In line with this, Thermo Fisher Scientific will be holding a webinar titled “Process Analytical Technology: Gas and Chemicals Analysis for Semiconductor Industry Using FTIR Solutions” on May 26, 10am (GMT +8).

The webinar will discuss the following:

  • Working principle of FT-MIR and FT-NIR spectroscopy
  • Key benefits of each technique
  • Application examples of specialty gas and chemicals for semiconductor and electronics industries

Conducting the webinar are Joe Set, Regional Application Scientist, Molecular Spectroscopy, and Wang Rui, Business Development Manager, Molecular Spectroscopy, at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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