Taiwan Brings Tech Startups Together into Strengthen Disease Prevention Efforts

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TTA, organized by Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) to promote entrepreneurship and startups, has led startups into a technology disease prevention team, racing against time to fight the Covid-19 pandemic...

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, many companies have shared the results of their research and development to join in disease prevention. Under initiative of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Taiwan, Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) organized startups into a technology disease prevention team. TTA also founded “Health for all”, a new online disease prevention matchmaking platform, with its subsidiary BE Capital, connecting government departments, healthcare startups, and hospital systems for disease prevention.

 Preventive Supplies

ELECLEAN launched the world’s first disinfectant spray using water as the only reagent. Water that is readily available can be instantly converted into reactive oxygen species when charged with electricity. At present, Eleclean has received an increasing number of orders from more than ten countries. Production capacity grew by more than 100 times compared to before the pandemic. In addition, Yallvend integrated facial recognition, blockchain tracing technology, and health insurance database docking to develop a smart surgical mask vending machine. The Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Taipei City Government gave the green light on expanding machine locations. Yallvend will increase production capacity to set up machines across the country and will also distribute alcohol and other preventive supplies.

In addition, the “all-external circulation heat exchange air conditioning system” developed by Professor Kuo-Liang Weng from the National Chin-Yi University of Technology and his team, is the first heat exchange technology that can effectively prevent airborne cross-contaminations and reduce setup cost. The team also built “negative pressure isolation wards” and “micro-negative inspection stations” with Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, successfully converting inspection stations into micro-negative environments. The negative pressure isolation wards were completed at the beginning of April to assist hospitals in preparing a preventive environment.

“all-external circulation heat exchange air conditioning system” developed by  Taiwan’s National Chin-Yi University of Technology. (Source: National Chin-Yi University of Technology)


iWEECARE launched the world’s smallest smart thermometer that can take the temperature of multiple patients through temperature patch and cloud monitoring. Agents from China and Japan have already reached out for cooperation. It is also combined with the “home quarantine personal tracking system” that tracks the temperature of individuals quarantined at home, lightening the load of prevention personnel.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Heroic-Faith developed the “AI-Powered Real-Time Auscultation Monitor” that incorporates cross-disciplinary integration technologies such as AI computing, so medical staff can remotely monitor lung sounds and respiratory signs without stethoscope and direct contact with patient. It even allows patients to conduct simple self-tests. Heroic-Faith is currently working with several medical centers in the country on product trials. The product is expected to be approved for launch by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration at the end of June.

Also, Sil Radar Technology developed a 24-hour radar system for remote detection of respiratory rate, heartbeat, temperature, and posture. It is the only complete “non-contact physiological” product on the market. It is currently used in negative pressure isolation wards at Kaohsiung Medical University and has helped reduce medical manpower. In the future, it will be introduced to other hospitals, schools, factory offices, and public transportation systems for effective disease prevention.

Accelerating the development of prevention solutions

The TTA and the Ministry of Science and Technology calls on all up-and-coming technology startups in the country. TTA encouraged them to pour out their R&D spirit and also incorporated the strengths of Taiwan’s ICT industry to develop various application solutions. In addition, TTA worked with accelerator partner BE Capital to launch the new disease prevention matchmaking platform (www.healthforall.tw), connecting government departments, startups, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, and Taipei Medical University. The platform focuses on three areas: medical supplies, preventive measures, and diagnosis and treatment. It matches demand and supply to improve prevention efficacy and support prevention efforts in Taiwan.

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