2023-01-09 - Francis Sideco

Distributed Architecture Puts the ‘Reality’ in AR

The SoC architecture is proving to be more of a hindrance than an enabler.

2022-01-17 - Counterpoint Technology Market Research

XR (VR/AR) Headset Shipments to Grow 10x by 2025

Extended reality (XR) headset shipments are projected to grow by about 10 times from 11 million units in 2021 to…

2021-08-31 - Haxhi Pantina

Motion Sickness and the Physics of VR

We cannot get around the problem with simple computational or technical tricks. We need to treat this problem optically.

2021-08-04 - Neil Ballinger

What Do the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Industry 4.0 Have in Common?

Organizers are making the most of cutting-edge technologies to keep participants safe while allowing viewers to be closer than ever…