2022-11-16 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Expansion in Arizona to Focus on 3nm Node

TSMC sets its sight on 3-nm node production in second Arizona fab.

2022-10-28 - Synopsys Inc.

Synopsys Unveils Achievements on TSMC N3E Process

Synopsys' latest achievements in EDA and IP on the TSMC N3E process provide customers with robust solutions that help them…

2022-10-26 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence Design Flows Now Certified for TSMC’s Latest N4P and N3E Processes

TSMC has certified Cadence's digital and custom/analog design flows for the latest N4P and N3E processes.

2022-10-17 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Reduces Expansion Plan to $36B as Outlook Dims

TSMC is cutting its 2022 capacity expansion budget in response to lower demand from smartphone and other consumer electronics makers.

2022-09-12 - IC Insights

Memory Market Collapse to Propel TSMC to Top Spot in 3Q22 IC Ranking

IC Insights expects foundry giant TSMC to surpass Samsung and take over the top spot in the semiconductor company sales…

2022-07-19 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Trims Expansion Plans as Outlook Dims

TSMC has lowered its expectations to spend more than $40 billion this year for capacity expansion due to predictions of…

2022-07-01 - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd

TSMC Japan Completes Clean Room Construction in AIST Tsukuba Center

The TSMC Japan 3DIC R&D Center will pursue research into next-gen three-dimensional silicon stacking and advanced packaging technologies in materials…

2022-06-23 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Creates Design Options for New 3nm Node

TSMC's 3nm technology, starting production later in 2022, will feature the company's FinFlex architecture offering choices of standard cells with…

2022-06-22 - Synopsys Inc.

Synopsys Unveils RF Design Flow for TSMC N6RF Process

Synopsys' new RF design flow, developed with Ansys and Keysight for the TSMC N6RF process, boosts 5G SoC development productivity.

2022-06-16 - Siemens Digital Industries Software

Siemens Extends Support of Multiple IC Design Solutions for TSMC’s Latest Processes

Siemens' ongoing collaboration with TSMC has resulted in new product certifications for several of its most advanced toolsets.

2022-04-18 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Expects $44B in Capex Despite Slowdown Concerns

Despite concerns that overall demand for chips may wane, TSMC is committed to spending more than $40 billion this year…

2022-03-08 - Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express

Industry Leaders Join Forces to Standardize Chiplet Ecosystem

Industry leaders have formed a consortium that will establish a die-to-die interconnect standard and foster an open chiplet ecosystem.