2019-09-17 - Brian Santo

Undermining the Assault on Huawei

Microsoft's president challenges the U.S. to put up or shut up on Huawei accusations, then Huawei's founder offers to license…

2019-09-16 - John Walko

Who’s Leading the Way in 5G Deployment

Given a limited role Huawei has been forced to play in the global 5G market, the Chinese giant's most recent…

2019-09-13 - Nitin Dahad

The Trade War Hits IC Design

Second quarter revenues fall for all top 5 IC design firms as a result of US-China trade war.

2019-09-05 - George Leopold

Succeeding at this “will change Americans’ views of the Chinese”

Unfettered capitalism meets Chinese state capitalism in a new documentary. The results of this culture clash in down-on-it's-luck Ohio are…

2019-08-23 - Barbara Jorgensen

Huawei: Is it Time to Rip-Off the Band-Aid?

The U.S. chip industry seems to think the Chinese market will always be there, but Huawei is gradually giving up…

2019-08-21 - Dylan McGrath

Huawei Gets Another Reprieve from the U.S.

Commerce Department extends for three months the temporary license program that allows the Chinese telecommunications giant to buy components from…

2019-08-07 - Johnson Zhu

Blog: Our Goals Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

The communications manager of a robotics startup in Shenzhen shares his view of the U.S./China trade war.

2019-08-06 - Dylan McGrath

Qualcomm Feels the Squeeze of the Trade War

Fabless chip giant sees weak sales over the next two quarters as the U.S.-China trade dispute and the associated Huawei…

2019-07-25 - Clover Lee

The Who’s Who of the Exodus from China

With the threat of a 25% tariff in the China-US trade war, even some Chinese companies have begun transferring some…

2019-07-24 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Backs 5G to Drive Demand for 7nm

TSMC sees 5-nm and 7-nm demand improving from its earlier expectations, as worldwide 5G development accelerates.