2022-11-03 - Michael Seaholm, Tektronix

The Need for Faster Time to Insight Opens the Door for New Testing Category

Engineers today need tools that complement the performance of existing equipment by providing faster time to insight, superior ease-of-use, while…

2022-08-03 - Tektronix

Top Pain Points of Today’s Oscilloscope Users

Here's how engineers can test and measure whatever they want and wherever they want without the need to choose between…

2022-03-31 - Tektronix

Accurately Measuring High Speed GaN Transistors

The increase in switching speed offered by GaN transistors requires good measurement technology, as well as good techniques to capture…

2022-01-24 - Jonathan Tucker, Tektronix

WBG Semiconductors to Drive the Power Electronics Market in 2022

Today's wide-bandgap semiconductors, including GaN and SiC, are exceeding the capabilities of traditional silicon-based devices.

2021-11-17 - Stephen Las Marias

Leading the Future of T&M Industry

Tektronix has won the Best Test & Measurement of the Year award in both Taiwan and Asia divisions of the inaugural…

2021-07-05 - Tektronix

Remembering the Past, Engineering the Future

Tektronix founder's family reflects on their company 75 years on.