2017-06-21 - Qualtera

Spreadtrum integrates Qualtera’s Silicondash

Spreadtrum has selected Qualtera's Silicondash for real-time supply chain monitoring.

2017-06-21 - Paula Doe

Increased cloud traffic drives demand for new tech

Cloud providers are building out their own networks to maintain performance, creating a boom in demand for long-haul modules.

2017-06-08 - Abe Eshkenazi

Closing the gender gap in U.S. manufacturing

An APICS study details how gender diversity improves how companies operate and the steps a business can take to foster…

2017-06-02 - Jabil Circuit

Cloud product helps manage supply chain

The InControl SaaS from Jabil provides constant connectivity, advanced analytics and machine learning technologies that supply chain specialists can use…

2017-05-09 - EE Times Asia

IBM patent paves way for mid-air drone cargo transfer

The invention helps to extend the range of drones that are delivering packages from a warehouse to a customer's home.

2017-05-08 - Joanne Moretti

Augmented reality holds key to OEM innovation success

The fifth age is upon us, the augmented age, the age of artificial intelligence where we work with our tools,…

2017-04-21 - Mary E. Shacklett

5 key lessons from Apple-Imagination GPU dispute

Apple and Imagination Technologies Group are on the verge of an unhappy parting of the ways.

2017-04-03 - B. Cameron Gain

How best practices fix security holes in supply chain

Software and data risks are always present, but how security is managed and threats are resolved makes all the difference.

2017-03-22 - Paula Doe

IIoT standard seeks to link wafer fabs with EMS

Some vendors are calling for the Electronics Manufacturing Service sector to adopt some version of automation standards already in use…

2017-03-13 - Hailey Lynne McKeefry

Blockchain goes from buzz to reality in supply chain

IBM has teamed up with Maersk Line to digitize the global, cross-border supply chain using blockchain technology.

2017-03-03 - Judith M. Myerson

Can grid computing cover electronics supply fail?

Grid computing supports multi-units sharing with the use of software that split and farm out pieces of a programme into…

2017-03-02 - Panasonic

Panasonic pins SEA production expansion in Vietnam

Panasonic's new factory will be built on a 3,000sqm area adjacent to the existing factory to expand the wiring devices…