2020-07-02 - Strategy Analytics

Samsung Remains Dominant in the Smartphone Memory Market with 50% Revenue Share in Q1 2020

The global smartphone memory market registered a total chip revenue of $9.4 billion in Q1 2020...

2020-06-12 - Gary Hilson

Memory Vendors Move Up the Stack to Optimize Storage

Memory vendors are looking a little higher up the stack to better optimize SSDs and other SCMs...

2020-06-03 - Gary Hilson

NVMe SSDs Ready to Embrace EDSFF Form Factors

The most mainstream of the three new form factors is the E1.S, which is the obvious replacement for data center…

2020-05-25 - Adam Scraba

Welcome to the Era of Real-Time AI

Real-time AI has computing requirements that can’t be met by CPUs and GPUs...

2020-04-07 - Gary Hilson

FRAM Find its Future in Higher Densities

Ferroelectric RAM is newly proving itself over other memories as ideal for small, niche appliances...

2020-03-13 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

The EU Tackles Climate Change With New Hydrogen Alliance

The European Commission has unveiled an industrial strategy that sees hydrogen playing a crucial role in Europe’s transition to a…

2020-01-21 - Gary Hilson

Memory Goes Green

Samsung Electronics, Micron Technology, and others make steps toward sustainable, low-carbon memory.

2020-01-17 - Gary Hilson

Is ReRAM Ready?

There’s much potential for ReRAM, but it’s still not in wide production.

2019-05-28 - Gary Hilson

Portable Flash Demand Powered By USB

USB storage shows no sign of disappearing and it's even finding new use cases

2019-03-13 - Gary Hilson

Compute and Memory Need to get Cosy

There's been much talk about which memories might best support AI and ML. But just as important are the architectures,…