2020-11-23 - Nitin Dahad

Memory Startup Brings FeFET Solutions to NVM Market

With hafnium oxide present in the gate insulator of every CMOS transistor, FMC's FeFET memory aims to turn any logic…

2020-11-16 - Gary Hilson

World’s First 176-Layer NAND Achieves Breakthrough Performance and Density

Micron delivers a breakthrough in flash memory performance and density...

2020-11-06 - Sehyun Kim

Storage Matters: Enabling a New Era of Gaming

The impacts of this new storage capability will resonate across the video game industry.

2020-11-04 - Gary Hilson

How AI Impacts Memory & Interconnect Technology

When it comes AI and machine learning applications, it's increasingly important where data and memory need to reside....

2020-11-04 - Alan Patterson

China’s YMTC is Poised to Lead in NAND Flash Technology

China’s YMTC aims to lead competitors like Samsung and Micron in NAND flash technology and will very likely license its…

2020-11-03 - TrendForce

DDR5 Era to Officially Begin in 2021

Owing to BOM cost limitations, DDR5 integration for both Intel and AMD PC platforms will be delayed to 2022...

2020-11-02 - TrendForce

Kingston, ADATA, Tigo Take Top Spots in 2019 Ranking of Top 10 SSD Module Makers

Worldwide shipments of branded SSDs bound for the channel (retail) market in 2019 reached 131 million units, showing an increase…

2020-10-20 - Ben Yeh

SK Hynix to Possess Second Highest NAND Market Share via Acquisition of Intel’s NAND Unit

SK Hynix has announced today (Oct. 20) that it will acquire Intel’s NAND Flash business and Dalian-based Fab 68, which…

2020-10-15 - Strategy Analytics

Samsung Widens its Lead in the Smartphone DRAM & NAND Market in 1H20

High-density chips drive market revenue...

2020-10-14 - Cameron Brett, Jeremiah Tussey

SAS Won’t Cede Its Place Any Time Soon

SAS is said to be dying, but it still represents the biggest chunk of the market, and is going to…