2021-05-14 - Gary Hilson

Infineon SRAM Aiming for the Stars

Radiation hardening and low power allows for smarter on-board satellite data processing, using Infineon's new SRAMs.

2021-03-10 - Gary Hilson

Memory Reliability Critical in Space Applications

Emerging memories have potential for extra-terrestrial applications, but predictable and reliable memories that can handle radiation always win the space…

2020-02-28 - PUFsecurity

How Vulnerable is SRAM PUF

As semiconductor technology advances, SRAM is becoming outmoded as a reliable PUF security solution.

2019-12-20 - Gary Hilson

SRAM Battery Backup Eliminated By EERAM

Small capacity memory could solve many problems more cost effectively and reliably than MRAM.

2019-07-23 - Sally Ward-Foxton

AI Inference Reaches 8.8 TOPS/W Due to PIM Techniques

Renesas increases accuracy, reduces power by adopting ternary memory structure.

2019-03-04 - Gary Hilson

IoT Devices Need to be Smarter

The evolution of edge computing means that internet of things (IoT) devices need more smarts to make decisions rather just…