2019-07-24 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Backs 5G to Drive Demand for 7nm

TSMC sees 5-nm and 7-nm demand improving from its earlier expectations, as worldwide 5G development accelerates.

2019-06-04 - Demi Xia,

Huawei has a Contingency Plan

Google ceasing to license Android will have little impact on Huawei's domestic business, but it will affect its phone users…

2019-05-28 - Gary Hilson

Portable Flash Demand Powered By USB

USB storage shows no sign of disappearing and it's even finding new use cases

2019-05-09 - Rick Merritt

Key Takeaways from Google I/O

Google showed expanding use of on-device neural networks to make smartphones more useful and private at its annual developer conference

2019-04-19 - Junko Yoshida

A Teardown of Huawei’s P30 Pro

Huawei has launched in China its P30 and P30 Pro smartphones In a flash sale that was reportedly over in…

2019-04-18 - Rick Merritt

Tech Giants to Keep Their Secrets

The tech industry talks about the values of openness and collaboration, but it thrives on secrecy and self-interest, as the…

2019-04-16 - Nitin Dahad

Life After Nokia

The demise of Nokia's mobile phone business rocked Oulu in Finland, but the city reinvigorated itself by becoming a low…

2019-04-11 - Matthew Burgess

Optical Fingerprint Scanners to Dominate Smartphone Market

The latest report by TrendForce anticipates the costs of FOD (Fingerprint on Display) technology to slide as big brands extend…

2019-04-11 - Dylan McGrath

Qualcomm Throws Hat into the AI Inferencing Ring

Qualcomm is taking another stab at the server, throwing its hat into the market for AI inference processing for the…

2019-03-05 - Gary Hilson

1 TB Memories to Boost Smartphones

Consumers looking to store more 4K videos of their cats are in luck. Samsung Electronics recently began mass-producing one terabyte…

2019-02-27 - David Benjamin

MWC 2019: 5G, Foldables & Connected Cars

Huawei hit Mobile World with a bang -- and a foldable phone -- drawing heavy traffic. 5G and connected vehicles…

2019-01-29 - Rick Merritt

Bluetooth Enhances Location Accuracy Down to Centimeters

The Bluetooth 5.1 spec and the 802.15.4z standard are racing to bring more accurate location services to the market for…