2019-08-22 - Rick Merritt

Huawei: Covering all the Bases in AI

Huawei's DaVinci AI accelerators aim to serve everything from wearables to data centers, said an R&D engineer at Hot Chips.

2019-08-14 - Rick Merritt

Celebrating the Engineer: Bill Thanos

Engineer Bill Thanos helped many find a path to digital music riding the SanDisk Sansa Clip.

2019-08-06 - Dylan McGrath

Qualcomm Feels the Squeeze of the Trade War

Fabless chip giant sees weak sales over the next two quarters as the U.S.-China trade dispute and the associated Huawei…

2019-07-30 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Announces Large-Scale Hiring Plan

TSMC plans to hire 3,000 people, or about 5% of its current headcount, to support the company's business growth and…

2019-07-26 - Dylan McGrath

Semiconductor Market Conditions Worsen

Gartner slashes forecast as memory price declines, trade war hit industry harder than originally forecast.

2019-07-25 - Clover Lee

The Who’s Who of the Exodus from China

With the threat of a 25% tariff in the China-US trade war, even some Chinese companies have begun transferring some…

2019-07-24 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Backs 5G to Drive Demand for 7nm

TSMC sees 5-nm and 7-nm demand improving from its earlier expectations, as worldwide 5G development accelerates.

2019-06-04 - Demi Xia,

Huawei has a Contingency Plan

Google ceasing to license Android will have little impact on Huawei's domestic business, but it will affect its phone users…

2019-05-28 - Gary Hilson

Portable Flash Demand Powered By USB

USB storage shows no sign of disappearing and it's even finding new use cases

2019-05-09 - Rick Merritt

Key Takeaways from Google I/O

Google showed expanding use of on-device neural networks to make smartphones more useful and private at its annual developer conference