2019-12-16 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Xiaomi to Use Fingerprints’ Side-mounted Sensor

First to develop fingerprint touch sensors on Android, Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) announces slim side-mounted fingerprint sensors for borderless and…

2019-12-11 - Junko Yoshida

Qualcomm Benefits From China’s Belt & Road Initiative

China’s leading smartphone vendors such as Oppo, Vivo and Xioami aren’t just pursuing the Chinese market. Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon…

2019-12-06 - Junko Yoshida

Qualcomm Set to Debunk 5G ‘Misconceptions’

5G mmWave is not really happening. 5G rollout will take a long time. There are no compelling 5G apps. Qualcomm…

2019-11-28 - Alan Patterson

MediaTek Announce 5G Modem Alliance with Intel

Competing with Qualcomm and Huawei, MediaTek introduces the first 5G smartphone chip to support dual SIM cards.

2019-11-13 - Junko Yoshida

The Road to Smartphone Dominance

In fall 1995 camera phones made their little-noted debut on the global stage. The combination was an unthinkable marriage of…

2019-11-08 - Junko Yoshida

Are Smartphones Equipped to Control a Vehicle?

Are consumer-grade handset designs safe enough to control mission-critical systems? Have we thought through all the potential boobytraps from using…

2019-10-08 - Junko Yoshida

Apple iPhone 11 and Watch 5 Teardown

There are several curious and smart design choices made by Apple for its new iPhones and Apple Watch. It's not…

2019-10-04 - Amy Guan

Arm Reaffirm Their Relationship with Huawei

After their meeting, execs from Huawei, Arm, and Arm China staged a photo op designed to reassure that business among…

2019-09-24 - Judith Cheng

Taiwan Startup Hopes to Take on Google in Gesture Recognition

Google is on the verge of introducing gesture recognition with its Pixel 4 phones, but KaiKuTek of Taiwan has created…

2019-09-10 - Prakash Sangam

Apple’s Desire to Build a 5G Modem Is Thwart with Challenges

After buying Intel's modem business, Apple has a steep hill to climb to build a premium 5G modem. And it…