2021-03-25 - Counterpoint Research

Thailand Smartphone Industry Ends 2020 on a Flat Note

Thailand's smartphone market normalized in the fourth quarter of 2020 to help bring a challenging and erratic year to a…

2021-03-08 - Yole Développement

RF Front-End Module Industry: What Are the Technical Choices Made by Apple?

What are the technical choices made by the RF front end module manufacturers and OEMs ? What are the cost…

2021-03-05 - IDC

A Robust 6% Year-end Growth for The Philippines Smartphone Market in 4Q20

The Philippines smartphone market ended the year strong with 6.5 million units in 2020Q4, growing by 19% QoQ and 6%…

2021-02-25 - John Walko

Critical Year Ahead for Haptics as New Technologies Mature

Haptic feedback is likely to be increasingly used in AR/VR, military gear, high-end industrial equipment, and advanced surgical robotic assistants...

2021-01-11 - Don Scansen

Xiaomi Mi 11 Puts Snapdragon 888 Into the Wild

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is the first phone to feature the latest application processor; it's the vehicle that put the…

2021-01-06 - TrendForce

Global Smartphone Production Expected to Reach 1.36B Units in 2021

Global smartphone production expected to reach 1.36 Billion units in 2021 as Huawei drops out of top-six ranking, says TrendForce…

2021-01-04 - John Walko

MediaTek Beats Qualcomm as Top Smartphone Chip Supplier

MediaTek has, for the first time, overtaken Qualcomm as the…

2020-12-31 - EETA Staff

2020 in Review: Top 10 Most-Read Stories

Here's a look back at our top 10 most popular stories during this tumultuous Year 2020...

2020-12-04 - Jim McGregor

Snapdragon 888 Promises Better Cameras, Games & AI

Qualcomm focused the technology enhancements of the Snapdragon 888 to improve three key areas - the camera, gaming, and AI.

2020-12-03 - Jim McGregor

Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon 888 for 5G Android phones

Qualcomm kicked off its Snapdragon Tech Summit by introducing the company’s latest mobile SoC for premium 5G smartphones – the…