2020-08-24 - STMicroelectronics

High-Accuracy Inclinometer with Machine-Learning Core

ST's IIS2ICLX is a high-accuracy, low-power, 2-axis digital inclinometer for use in applications such as industrial automation and structural-health monitoring...

2020-08-20 - Gartner

5 Emerging Trends That Will Drive Tech Innovation for the Next Decade

Social distancing technologies, composable enterprise, AI-assisted design, differential privacy and biodegradable sensors among key technologies to watch...

2020-08-19 - George Leopold

Sensor Market to Ride the Wave of Internet of Things

The sensor market is among the technology sectors hardest hit by the pandemic. Cost, not demand, is the problem...

2020-08-10 - Yole Développement

Diversification of Camera Modules Comes Into Play

The camera module market is expanding at an incredible pace. Yole expect the volume of global camera module shipments to…

2020-08-05 - Nitin Dahad

Real-Time Algorithms Bring Distortion-Free Wide-Angle Videos for Smartphones

New video distortion correction software algorithms adjust scenes in real-time on images and videos captured on smartphones...

2020-08-03 - Infineon Technologies

Extremely Small Power-Saving 3D Magnetic Sensor Opens Up New Design Options

Infineon Technologies has expanded its XENSIV 3D magnetic sensor family TLx493D. At its in-house digital trade show “Virtual Sensor Experience”,…

2020-07-21 - Junko Yoshida

Ford to Cement Mobileye’s Lead in ADAS

Ford Motor Company and Mobileye have announced an expansion of their partnership, with plans to integrate improved ADAS across Ford’s…

2020-06-23 - Junko Yoshida

Can TriEye’s SWIR Cameras Break Through Geofenced Operations of AV?

Can TriEye’s SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) cameras break through currently geo-fenced operations of autonomous vehicles (AVs)?

2020-06-22 - Junko Yoshida

Ultrasonic Tag Helps Enforce Social Distancing

Ultrasonic sensors might just be the wireless technology best suited to enabling contact tracing and social distancing.

2020-06-17 - George Leopold

Silver Lining for Chip Industry Amid Pandemic

With the exception of chip foundries like TSMC, which may be facing an inventory glut, other chip sectors may actually benefit…