2019-02-27 - Junko Yoshida

U.S.-China Crisis: Repercussions for Chip Industry

As China-U.S. relations appear to deteriorate, we asked Ernst how his views on China have changed in recent years.

2019-02-19 - Matthew Burgess

TSMC loses US$550 Million Due to Bad Photoresist

TSMC has been forced to update their first quarter guidance following the assessment of all the wafers affected by what…

2019-02-15 - Dylan McGrath

China’s Chip Fab Capacity Catching North America

China, which is currently locked in a trade war with the U.S., has stated that it would pump more than…

2019-02-14 - Matthew Burgess

Wafer Demand Bullish for 2019

Despite a decline in spending for leading-edge devices, the latest Semi Global 200mm Fab Outlook prepares for growing demand.

2019-02-13 - Dylan McGrath

Trump Prioritises Artificial Intelligence

U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order directing U.S. federal agencies to prioritize investments in artificial intelligence R&D.

2019-02-11 - Dylan McGrath

China IC Production to Grow at 15% CAGR through 2023

IC production in China is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 15% between 2018 and 2023,…

2019-02-01 - Dylan McGrath

Intel Names Interim CEO Swan Permanent

Bob Swan takes the helm on a permanent basis after seven months in an interim role, becoming Intel's seventh CEO...

2019-01-31 - Dongguk University

Copper Iodide Enables p-Type Semiconductor Processes

Korean researchers have found a way to create printed p-channel thin-film transistors by using the abundantly available and environmentally-friendly copper(I)…

2019-01-28 - Rick Merritt

Semiconductor Outlook Remains Unclear

The outlook for the 2019 semiconductor market is unclear given trade tensions and memory shifts...

2019-01-18 - Rick Merritt

What’s Next for the Semiconductor Industry?

The semiconductor industry needs to find ways to reduce the cost of EDA tools and IP as well as chip…

2019-01-14 - Gartner

Semiconductor Industry Growth Driven by Memory Market

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Grew 13.4 Percent in 2018. Memory strengthened its position as the largest semiconductor category...

2019-01-11 - Rick Merritt

Chip Sector Slowdown But No Recession

Chip sales to slow, maybe contract in 2019