2022-06-09 - IDC

Global Semiconductor Revenue to Grow 13.7% Despite Challenging Supply Chain

The worldwide semiconductor revenue is expected to reach $661 billion in 2022, up by 13.7% year-over-year, according to IDC.

2022-06-09 - Marvell

Marvell Joins Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express Consortium

Marvell has joined the UCIe Consortium as part of its ongoing development of open chiplet interconnect standards.

2022-06-09 - Stefani Munoz

OpenLight Launches Open Silicon Photonics Platform

OpenLight's latest open silicon photonics platform with integrated lasers seeks to provide chip manufacturers with a means to create high-performance,…

2022-06-08 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Commits to Nanosheet Technology at 2nm Node

TSMC has chosen nanosheet technology for production of its next 2nm node starting in 2025 to help cut energy consumption…

2022-06-02 - Kioxia Holdings Corp.

Kioxia Completes Acquisition of Chubu Toshiba Engineering

The acquisition will enhance Kioxia's technology development capabilities, as well as deliver synergies across the design, operation and production of…

2022-06-02 - IC Insights

Despite Headwinds, Semiconductor Growth Still Seen at 11% in 2022

IC Insights continues to anticipate an 11% increase in total semiconductor sales this year—the same growth rate that was forecast…

2022-05-31 - imec

imec Leads Semiconductor Value Chain in Joint Effort Toward Net-zero Emissions for Chip Manufacturing

The SSTS was set up as part of imec's sustainability efforts to support the semiconductor industry reducing its carbon footprint.

2022-05-30 - SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co. Ltd

SCREEN Intensifies Focus on Reducing Environmental Impact of IC Industry

SCREEN will increase its efforts to reduce the company's overall environmental impact.

2022-05-30 - Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight Technologies Receives Supplier Excellence Award from TI

Keysight was one of the few companies selected from TI's over 12,000 suppliers globally to receive a supplier excellence award.

2022-05-30 - Nitin Dahad

Why Broadcom is Acquiring VMware

Is Broadcom acquiring a cash cow or building a vertical stack of components from processor to application? The latter could…

2022-05-30 - Syed Alam, Accenture

Smaller M&A Deals also Important for Chipmakers

Increased regulatory scrutiny and fewer large semiconductor acquisition targets have created a need for chipmakers to learn how to maximize…

2022-05-27 - Alan Patterson

Intel’s Gelsinger Warns Chip Shortage Likely to Continue Through 2024

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger expects the two-year chip shortage is likely to persist through 2024.