2020-08-14 - IC Insights

HiSilicon’s Time in the Top-10 Ranking May be Short Lived

Top-10 semiconductor suppliers logged strong 17% jump in 1H20/1H19 sales...

2020-08-14 - George Leopold and Junko Yoshida

U.S. CHIPS Act Takes Center Stage in Post-Globalized Industry

To manufacture highly integrated circuits in the United States is no longer just a nice-if-we-can idea. It is building momentum.

2020-08-13 - TrendForce

ASE Takes the Crown Among Top 10 OSAT Companies in 2Q20

China-U.S. relations and the pandemic’s outlook are key factors determining global OSAT revenue in 2H20...

2020-08-05 - Anton Shilov

Selective Tungsten Process Fights Resistance

Chipmakers now have a new manufacturing technology for more precise tungsten contact vias, which lead to performance, power, and area…

2020-08-05 - George Leopold

Chip Gear is Selling Like Hotcakes

The chip equipment sector is for now exhibiting remarkable resilience despite geopolitical concerns over an escalating U.S.-China tech cold war and a…

2020-08-03 - Junko Yoshida

US-China Cold War: How Did We Even Get Here?

The history of U.S.-China relations has been laced with a series of often gratuitous tit-for-tat trade sanctions. How did we…

2020-07-30 - Bolaji Ojo

It’s Time for Intel to Double Down on Foundry Business

Intel Corp. dropped the ball. It should today be the world’s biggest semiconductor foundry; not TSMC. This can still change…

2020-07-29 - SEMI

Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Market to Reach $20.8B by 2024

The global semiconductor packaging materials market will track chip industry growth to expand from $17.6 billion in revenue logged in…

2020-07-29 - George Leopold

How the US-China Tech Cold War Is Deepening

Semiconductors are the chokepoint in the coming U.S.-China Technology Cold War, a conflict that’s guaranteed to have unforeseen consequences...

2020-07-29 - Alan Patterson

Intel’s 7nm Delay Presents Opportunity for AMD

AMD's gain in market share against Intel is more likely, as we reported earlier, given Intel's yet another delay on…