2021-12-24 - George Leopold

Mynaric Tapped to Design DARPA’s Optical Terminal

The new framework would serve as the basis for a prototype system used to link satellites.

2021-12-09 - Su-Wei Chang, TMY Technology Inc.

Taiwan’s Role and Opportunities in the Global Battle for LEO Satellite Communications

When it comes LEO satellites, Taiwan should start strategically mapping out the "application side" and "industry chain" for commercial and…

2021-05-24 - Albert Lo

How Rad-Hard ICs are Improving Telemetry Circuit Design

Accurate telemetry data used to monitor the satellite health can help set a baseline for nominal operation.

2021-05-20 - Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight Signal Analyzer Enables mmWave Testing

Keysight's N9042B UXA X-Series signal analyzer solution enables customers to test the performance of mmWave innovations in 5G, aerospace and…