2021-03-19 - IC Insights

Samsung, TSMC Spending to Dominate Advanced IC Technology Nodes

IC Insights expects Samsung and TSMC's capital expenditures will reach at least $55.5 billion this year and represent an all-time…

2021-03-15 - John Walko

Huawei Maintains Lead in Global Communications Equipment Market

The global wireless infrastructure market grew 7% in 2020, its fastest annual growth for a decade, according to market research…

2021-03-12 - Counterpoint Research

Apple Maintains Dominance in Global Smartwatch Market

Apple maintained its solid number one position and increased its global market share in the smartwatch segment, helping shift the…

2021-03-03 - John Walko

Consumer Class-action Suit Aims at Qualcomm

The allegation is that Qualcomm has been overcharging Samsung and Apple since 2015, with the charges passed on to consumers.

2020-12-24 - Brian Santo

VC Insanity? Interview with Samsung Catalyst SVP Shankar Chandran

An interview with Samsung Catalyst SVP Shankar Chandran. The vencap business has been crazy, but Catalyst is keeping a strategic…