2020-11-27 - Bill Schweber

How to Choose the Right Power-Supply Protection?

Designers know that there is more to a power supply than its ability to provide a steady DC (or AC)…

2020-11-26 - Junko Yoshida

Software Platform Empowers Next-Gen Vehicle Architecture

Software-centric vehicles make a good talking point. But building and maintaining a huge in-house software team is much easier said…

2020-11-25 - Junko Yoshida

Who Might be the ‘Mobileye’ of DMS Market?

Is anybody in the tech industry identifying technologies for watching driver behavior sufficiently effective to keep the driver’s attention from…

2020-11-09 - Junko Yoshida

Lessons From China: Battery Safety in EVs

China’s EV startup WM Motor issued a recall for more than 1,000 vehicles after four of its vehicles caught fire…

2020-11-06 - Colin Barnden

Tesla Full Self-Driving Goes Beta: Who Needs DMS?

With self-driving supposedly on the home stretch, who needs DMS? The answer is simple: Any automaker that wants to sell…

2020-10-27 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Key Considerations When Implementing Sensors in Vehicles

Experts on the integration of sensors in vehicles talked about the six fundamental considerations for the right sensor mix, at…

2020-10-19 - Junko Yoshida

‘Driving Policy’ Meets Robocar Brains

In covering automotive, I write about 'perception.' I've written about 'driving policy.' But it wasn't until recently when I've finally…

2020-10-12 - Giorgio Scuro

Speeding up The Road to Full Autonomy

Vehicles with full autonomy promise to deliver a range of benefits, including reduced travel time, improved passenger experience and improved…

2020-10-02 - IDC

How Vehicles Will Gradually Incorporate the Technologies that Lead to Autonomy

According to IDC, the number of vehicles capable of at least Level 1 autonomy will increase from 31.4 million units…

2020-09-29 - Colin Barnden

Seeing is Believing: Enabling Eye-Gaze Tracking in Cars

Amidst the mania of self-driving, did you dismiss the role of eye-gaze tracking and driver monitoring systems (DMS) in cars?