2022-02-14 - Sally Ward-Foxton

A Big Week for RISC-V

Intel's support for RISC-V and the collapsed Nvidia-Arm deal mean the IC industry has moved beyond two leading chip architectures.…

2021-09-21 - Counterpoint Technology Market Research

RISC-V to Shake Up $8.6B Semiconductor IP Market

RISC-V is now a rising star in the industry, largely due to its open-source advantage, better power consumption performance promise,…

2021-06-17 - Nitin Dahad

Intel Looking to Acquire SiFive for $2B

Intel maybe among several companies courting SiFive for a potential acquisition or further investment.

2021-02-17 - George Leopold

The Promise & Pitfalls of Open Hardware Development

The democratization of hardware design may be upon us.

2021-02-04 - Kevin Krewell

Open Source RISC-V Hardware Changes the Game

The RISC-V open-source hardware effort started as a project at UC Berkley, where the first RISC design happened to have…

2020-12-02 - Nitin Dahad

64-bit RISC-V Core Claims to Outperform Apple M1 SoC

Micro Magic says its RISC-V core outperforms Apple M1 and Arm Cortex-A9 on CoreMarks per Watt...

2020-08-10 - Nitin Dahad

Q&A with RISC-V CTO Mark Himelstein

RISC-V CTO Mark Himelstein talks about importance of ecosystem, software and focus on IoT, automotive, HPC and cloud servers...

2020-04-09 - Woz Ahmed

32/64-bit Embedded CPUs: The Third Era Begins

From proprietary to open source architectures, the embedded CPU and its associated business models have evolved — and so has…

2019-12-03 - Nitin Dahad

Trade War Concerns Push RISC-V to Move HQ

Members vote unanimously to move HQ to Switzerland as they face challenges from customers about source of IP

2019-10-18 - Kevin Krewell

Arm Opens Instruction Set Architecture

After decades, Arm has finally decided to allow licensees to build their own custom instructions, which are often useful to…

2019-09-12 - Nitin Dahad

Can Nanotubes Take Us Beyond Moore’s Law?

MIT's work on carbon nanotube field-effect transistors validates a promising path towards practical beyond-silicon electronic systems.

2019-08-28 - Illumi Huang

Chinese OEMs Look to Risc-V to Replace Arm MCUs

The microcontrollers are direct replacements for Arm MCUs, aimed at Chinese OEMs who are being cut off from getting Arm…