2016-07-01 - Silicon Labs

Multiband SoCs support 2.4GHz, sub-GHz connectivity

The flexible architecture enables developers to work with one set of software tools while supporting proprietary stacks and standard protocols.

2016-06-29 - SMIC

China’s SMIC buys Italian chip foundry

The deal marks SMIC’s first expansion of manufacturing beyond China and will also move the company into the global electronics…

2016-06-27 - Analog Devices

Low-power transceiver delivers reliable radio connections

The ADF7030-1 features a highly sensitive receiver and superior immunity to signal interferences as well as low power modes, including…

2016-06-27 - Rick Merritt

The outlook for cellular IoT

Like chip and system providers, carriers are keen to get an edge in 5G.

2016-06-17 - Rick Merritt

Cavium, QLogic $1B deal expands data centre chips

The acquisition adds Qlogic's Fibre Channel and Ethernet controllers and boards to Cavium's line up of communications, security and general-purpose…

2016-06-15 - Rick Merritt

Apple takes on Google with smart home, AI ecosystem

Developers can now tap into Apple’s Siri voice search for the first time using the latest APIs.

2016-06-14 - Chris Wiltz

Apple introduces basic coding app for kids

Apple aims to improve computer literacy and debuted Swift Playgrounds at WWDC, a new app to raise a new generation…

2016-06-13 - Toni Urrutia

IBM opens Watson Centre in Singapore to scale AI, blockchain apps

The three new facilities are located at the heart of Singapore's financial district, aiming to drive develpoment and commercialisation of…

2016-06-12 - Hailey Lynne McKeefry

Digitisation: a supply chain game-changer

The electronics supply chain management landscape is fast evolving, as paper-based and even hybrid supply chains are being replaced by…

2016-06-12 - Rick Merritt

Intel chips inside iPhone 7?

Chipmaker giant Intel's rumoured LTE chip win for iPhone 7 is causing much speculation, as analysts say that such a…

2016-06-07 - STMicroelectronics

ST, SAG develop compact NFC tags for IoT apps

The NFC Ferrite Tag measures 4.9mm x 3mm x 2.5mm and uses ST’s ST25 NFC tag IC for Internet of…

2016-06-06 - Julien Happich

Mobile SLAM for drones boast 1kHz update frequencies

Terabee, a French remote and proximity sensing solutions company boasts of its new stand-alone device with update frequencies up to…