2021-03-04 - IC Insights

Revenue per Wafer Climbs as Demand Surges for 5nm/7nm IC Processes

Despite high development costs, smaller nodes bring greater revenue per wafer...

2021-03-02 - Don Scansen

ISSCC: Roadmap on 3D Interconnect Density

The common theme coming out of the chiplet forum at ISSCC was the need for a 3D interconnect density roadmap.

2021-02-02 - Brian Santo

Micron Jumps Ahead with 1α Node DRAM

Micron's 1-alpha node DRAM is already in volume production of DDR4 with LPDDR4 in sampling...

2020-11-09 - STMicroelectronics

ST Establishes “Lab-in-Fab” to Adoption of Piezoelectric MEMS in Singapore

STMicroelectronics establishes first “Lab-in-Fab” to advance adoption of piezoelectric MEMS in Singapore in partnership with A*STAR and ULVAC...

2020-10-26 - Anton Shilov

GlobalFoundries Details Ambitious Technology Roadmap

GlobalFoundries discussed its technology roadmap; its plan to invest $1.4B in 2021; its expectation it will achieve profitability; and its…

2020-10-16 - Don Scansen

How Is Intel Part of a “SHIP” Program?

There is nothing new about young men killing themselves through their own stupidity. While tragic, this has been happening since…

2020-10-06 - Anton Shilov

Taking a Closer Look at Intel’s Process Roadmap

Somewhat limited improvements of client and server CPUs coupled with delays of new process technologies made Intel look pale. But…

2020-08-19 - TrendForce

Global DRAM Revenue Rises by 15.4% in 2Q20

DRAM revenue rises by 15.4% in 2Q20, with possible decline in prices expected for 3Q20, says TrendForce...

2020-08-05 - Anton Shilov

Selective Tungsten Process Fights Resistance

Chipmakers now have a new manufacturing technology for more precise tungsten contact vias, which lead to performance, power, and area…

2020-07-03 - Nitin Dahad

New GAA Nanosheet Architecture to Drive Silicon Performance

IBM Research and CEA-Leti show their work on nanosheet architectures to drive the silicon performance needs of HPC applications...