2021-09-27 - IDTechEx

EV Power Electronics: Driving Semiconductor Demand in a Chip Shortage

Is electrification sustainable amid a semiconductor shortage?

2021-09-22 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon Opens High-tech Chip Factory for Power Electronics on 300mm Wafers

Infineon Technologies AG has officially opened its high-tech chip factory for power electronics on 300-millimeter thin wafers at its Villach…

2021-09-15 - Bill Schweber

The Quest to See Inside Operating Batteries

Researchers are using extremely sophisticated techniques to see what’s happening inside batteries during charge and discharge cycles.

2021-08-25 - Monolithic Power Systems

How Integration is Advancing Innovations in Power Management

The continuing trend toward smaller and more powerful devices has driven demand for technology that can manage thermals with ever-higher…

2021-08-23 - proteanTecs

Turning Datacenter Chips into System Sensors

Smart microprocessors are bringing power-savings and cost-reduction to manufacturers and system operators.

2021-08-20 - Sam Hu, Bo Yang Ph.D., and Yang Yang, M3 Technology Inc. (M3Tek)

Design of PCM-COT Buck-boost Converter with Dynamic Adjustable Output-Voltage

To achieve best performance while keeping power consumption low, many systems need to adjust their supply voltage dynamically during operation.

2021-08-19 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics DC/DC Converter ICs Reduce BOM Costs in Automotive, Industrial Applications

The DC/DC converter ICs ensure energy-efficient operation in automotive and industrial applications up to 5W.

2021-08-18 - Paul Golata, Mouser Electronics

Superior Design Via Ultra-Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

The emergence of the ultra-wide bandgap (UWBG) semiconductors opens new opportunities in many fields because of their many superior properties.

2021-08-16 - Frederik Dostal, Analog Devices Inc.

How the Smart Hardware Engineer Can Easily Design Power Supplies: Mini Tutorial

This article provides a simplified understanding and renewed appreciation for the art of power supply design.

2021-08-16 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon MCU Provides USB PD 3.1 Support

Infineon's MCU features USB PD 3.1 support and is targeted at any embedded system that provides or consumes power up…

2021-08-16 - Paul Golata, Mouser Electronics

Rechargeable Batteries Make Life Better

Rechargeable batteries provide untethered power, enabling convenience, dependability, less waste, and mobility. Unplug and recharge and learn how rechargeable battery…

2021-08-13 - H.P. Yee, PhD, Sync Power Corp.

Utilizing Monolithic IC Approach to Avoid Synchronous Rectifier Control Failure

This article presents a detailed analysis of two independent IC PWM/SR solutions, and contrast with a QSR single monolithic solution.