2022-09-28 - Ilene Wolff

Gelsinger Reiterates Ambitious Package Power Goal

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger predicts that package power will experience a tenfold uptick by 2030 thanks to RibbonFET, PowerVia, and…

2022-09-20 - Bill Schweber

Power-System Engineers Take a Well-Deserved Bow

Power-related engineering in the high-kilowatt range used to be the "poor cousin" of electrical engineering. No more.

2022-09-14 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Design Considerations for Thermal Energy Harvesting

Thermal energy harvesting can provide an autonomous and renewable energy source for a wide range of sensors and electronic devices,…

2022-08-30 - Bill Schweber for Mouser Electronics

SPE Redefines PoE

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is getting an increasing amount of attention and design-in from smart building and industrial-automation engineers.

2022-07-08 - Bill Schweber

Are Superconducting Power Lines Still a Viable Option?

Power lines using superconductors offer potential benefits, but there are significant challenges and obstacles to their implementation.

2022-07-05 - P-DUKE Technology

High Power Density 12W DC/DC for Demanding Applications

P-DUKE has expanded its high power density DC/DC converter series with a 12W version.

2022-06-15 - Bill Schweber

Pay Attention to the Gate-Driver Power Supply

Power devices and their drivers get well-deserved attention. However, the power source is critical to effective system performance.

2022-06-07 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

PowerUP Expo: The Next Step in the Evolution of Power Electronics

The PowerUP Expo 2022 takes place virtual from June 28-30. The technical conference will feature several topic-specific sessions of keynotes,…

2022-06-03 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Zinc: New Material of Choice for Energy Storage

Zinc batteries have reached a pivotal stage of development, and developers are now poised to compete with older, established technologies.

2022-05-19 - Efficient Power Conversion Corp.

Sensitron and EPC Collaborate on High-Power Density 350V GaN Half-Bridge IPM

Using EPC's EPC2050 GaN FET, Sensitron was able to reduce the size of its solution by 60% while also further…

2022-05-11 - Majeed Ahmad

New Fabs Being Built for Analog, Power Semiconductors

Analog, power, and RF semiconductors ship in high volumes and are good enough to keep a 300-mm fab busy at…

2022-03-31 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip Enables Qi 1.3 Wireless Charging with Authentication

Microchip's new industrial grade TrustFLEX ECC608 and the automotive grade Trust Anchor TA100 are designed for Qi 1.3 power transmitters.