2017-01-24 - IC Insights

What fuelled 2016 semicon M&As?

The deals’ dollar values in 2015 and 2016 are 8 times greater than the $12.6 billion annual M&A average in…

2017-01-20 - Molex

Fully protected power connectors reduce size to 2.5mm

Molex’s Nano-Fit power connectors have multiple colour and mechanical keying options to help designers reduce the risk of cross mating.

2017-01-20 - Jeff Hutton

How important is ISO 26262 training in IC design?

An initial class on the ISO 26262 standard is very beneficial to have before an engineer starts a safety-critical design…

2017-01-16 - Toshiba

TVS diodes secure high-speed interfaces in wearables

The TVS diodes are fabricated with EAP-IV process that utilises Toshiba’s snapback technology for improved system reliability.

2017-01-10 - Infineon Technologies

High-side switch features on-resistance down to 1.0mΩ

Power Profet switches suit applications with high switching cycles and high energy requirements such as starter relays in “start-stop” systems.

2017-01-09 - Semtech

Semtech’s LinkCharge 40 wireless charger delivers 40W

The Semtech’s LinkCharge 40 supports Qi-enabled phones while maintaining small form factor on both ends.

2017-01-02 - Spencer Chin

AMP Consortium steps up digital power standards

The group expects to create common configuration files for plug-and-play interoperability to ensure compatibility between each company’s products.

2016-12-21 - Rohm Semiconductor

Trench-type SiC MOSFETs reduce on-resistance by 50%

Rohm's third generation of SiC MOSFETs, SBDs and modules features switching capability, energy conversion efficiency, reduced on-resistance.

2016-12-20 - Korea Advaced Institute of Science and Technology

KAIST wins Chem-E-Car with vanadium redox flow battery

A car designed using a vanadium redox flow battery and iodine clock reactions, won this year's Chem-E-Car Competition held in…

2016-12-07 - None

Isolated μModule transceiver serves up protection

The LTM2885 micromodule transceiver protects from ground-to-ground differentials with 6.5kV reinforced isolation and clearance distances.