2016-09-19 - Steve Ohr

Samsung’s battery fire puts devices’ integrity on the line

Incidents involving Samsung's latest smartphone may encourage mobile device makers to re-examine the integrity of their power trains.

2016-09-16 - Junko Yoshida

Renesas snaps up Intersil in a bid for survival

The merger is aimed at the combined company’s top-line business growth.

2016-09-04 - Linear Technology

18V prioritiser reduces operating current to 3.6µA

With up to 18V operating capability, the LTC4420 accommodates a wide range of power sources.

2016-08-24 - Peter Clarke

Renesas mulls $3 billion bid for rival Intersil

Renesas Electronics is considering whether to buy Intersil Corp., a US vendor of analogue, mixed-signal and power semiconductors.

2016-08-18 - Vivek Nanda

Linear packages power module to share heat sink with processor

Linear Technology has packaged its µModule regulator such that you can place it so close to FPGAs, GPUs or other…

2016-08-05 - STMicroelectronics

Low-dropout regulator comes in bumpless chip-scale package

The LDBL20’s bumpless package breaks through the minimum I/O-area and height limitation imposed by the diameter of traditional flip-chip solder…