2022-06-09 - Stefani Munoz

OpenLight Launches Open Silicon Photonics Platform

OpenLight's latest open silicon photonics platform with integrated lasers seeks to provide chip manufacturers with a means to create high-performance,…

2021-12-14 - Eric Mounier and Alexis Debray

Silicon Photonics Sticks Its Head Above the Parapet

Yole initially reported on silicon photonics applications in 2011. It is interesting to compare our vision at that time with…

2021-09-01 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Photonic Chips for Fault-Tolerance Quantum Computing

The collaboration between Xanadu and Imec involves fabricating low-loss silicon nitride circuits that can correct qubit errors and increase capacity.

2021-06-03 - Sally Ward-Foxton

MIT Spinout Lightmatter Raises Additional $80M in Funding

The venture funding supports release of Lightmatter's Envise AI accelerator.