2020-12-30 - Daniel Cooley

Prospects for the Semiconductor Industry in the Post-COVID Era

The impact COVID-19 had in 2020 will have lasting effects on the global economy and the technology that increasingly enables…

2020-12-21 - Gary Hilson

Next-Gen Intel Optane Expanding Capacity with QLC NAND

The latest Optane drives are aimed at both data center and the client, with the latter also leveraging the company’s…

2020-12-04 - Rebecca Day

Blog: Blame It On Google?

What really wows me are the things we couldn’t do before that are now possible from the palm of our…

2020-12-01 - Michael Kirschner 

Bright Spot: Seeking Safety for Environmental and Human Health

Can you imagine if we competed on product safety? We should not be competing on product environmental and human health…

2020-11-27 - Bill Schweber

How to Choose the Right Power-Supply Protection?

Designers know that there is more to a power supply than its ability to provide a steady DC (or AC)…

2020-11-05 - IDC

65% of APAC GDP will be Digitalized Reaching US$ 1.2T in Spending by 2022

IDC releases its Top Predictions for the rapidly changing ICT industry...

2020-11-02 - Cabe Atwell

How Would Joe Biden’s Plan Reflect on Engineering Profession?

How do Biden’s economic policies impact engineering fields: a look at the projected job market...

2020-10-30 - Rebecca Day

The Pandemic Pushed ‘Prime Day’ Into October

The pandemic pushed Prime Day, usually in July, into October. The retail world proclaimed it the de facto start to…

2020-10-21 - Michael Kirschner

The Biological Nutrient Cycle for Electronic Industry

Do biological, organic, biodegradable and/or compostable technologies exist that can provide functionality useful for electrical/electronic applications?

2020-09-25 - Bill Schweber

UPS Operating Modes: Simple Question, Complex Answer

The technical differences between an uninterruptible power system with a short switchover gap versus none is significant...