2021-10-14 - Xperi Holding Corp.

YMTC Licenses Xperi’s Hybrid Bonding Technology

Xperi has licensed its Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI) hybrid bonding portfolio to YMTC for its 3D NAND memory products.

2021-06-02 - Don Scansen

What to Expect at the VLSI Technology Symposium

The papers from the upcoming VLSI Technology Symposium suggest there's some agreement on general direction, but little agreement on terminology.

2021-05-28 - Global Unichip Corp.

GUC Unveils Die-on-Die Interface IP Using TSMC N5 and N6 Process

GUC has announced GLink-3D die-on-die interface IP using TSMC’s N5 and N6 processes, and 3DFabric packaging technology for AI, HPC,…

2021-03-30 - Keith Felton

5 Key Considerations for Next-Gen IC Packaging Design

Next-generation IC packaging is the best path to achieve silicon scaling, functional density, and heterogeneous integration while reducing the overall…

2020-12-28 - Majeed Ahmad

Advanced Packaging For More-than-Moore Era

Chip scaling has reached the point of diminishing returns. The next phase of semiconductor innovation will focus on integrating a…

2020-12-03 - Don Scansen

Qorvo Advances in RF “SHIP” Program

The latest from the SHIP program was a $75 million commitment to Qorvo for its RF production and prototyping center...

2020-11-23 - GUC

Die-to-Die Solution Opening the New Era of Flagship SoC

Global Unichip Corp. (GUC) has demonstrated the silicon-proven GLink (GUC multi-die interLink) interface using TSMC 7nm process and TSMC InFO_oS…

2020-11-18 - Brian Chislea & Erica J. Everett

Getting Started with Silicone Conformal Coatings

Solventless conformal coatings that are made of silicone support sustainability initiatives and can improve production efficiency...

2020-11-17 - TrendForce

TOP 10 OSATs Ranking 2020: Amkor Scores Highest YoY Growth

TrendForce announced the Top 10 largest OSAT companies’ revenues exceed US$6.7 billion, while Amkor scores highest YoY growth...

2020-11-12 - Nitin Dahad

CEA-Leti, Intel Expand Collaboration on 3D Packaging

3D packaging research will focus on assembly of smaller chiplets, optimizing interconnection technologies between the different elements of microprocessors, and…

2020-11-11 - Brian Santo

Advanced Packaging: Interview with Intel’s Ramune Nagisetty

The IC industry is renewing its focus on advanced packaging. Chiplets may be the least mature option, but it is…

2020-11-05 - Don Scansen

5G and Interconnect Are Pushing Innovations in Wireless

Packaging and interconnect are critical to achieving wireless systems that perform “better than wired”...