2022-11-08 - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.

ASE Unveils FOCoS Advancements

ASE's FOCoS-CF with encapsulant-separated RDL and Chip Last packaging solution elevates the performance for HPC, under the ASE VIPack platform.

2022-10-28 - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd

TSMC Expands OIP Ecosystem with Launch of 3DFabric Alliance

TSMC is expanding its OIP ecosystem with the launch of the 3DFabric Alliance at the 2022 Open Innovation Platform Ecosystem…

2022-10-28 - proteanTecs

GUC GLink Chip Leverages proteanTecs’ Die-to-Die Interconnect Monitoring

proteanTecs' interconnect monitoring solution was integrated into the GLink test chip to provide GUC enhanced visibility in testing and characterizing…

2022-10-19 - IDTechEx

Cutting-Edge Use Cases Driving Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Technologies in Data Centers

Here's a look at the growth drivers of advanced semiconductor packaging technologies on data center applications.

2022-10-12 - Sally Ward-Foxton

At Ayar Labs, It’s All Coming Together

An EE Times Exclusive interview with Ayar Labs CEO Charlie Wuischpard explores the future of optical chip-to-chip interconnects.

2022-09-28 - AIChip

Moving from SoCs to Chiplets Could Help Extend Moore’s Law

As Moore's Law is again reaching its limits, several technologies, specifically chiplets, could be the key to extending it for…

2022-08-05 - Martin Vallo and Eric Mounier

Global Insights into the Co-Packaged Optics Technology Platform

The value of optics and ASIC co-packaging for data centers could reach US$2B in 2032 if the technical challenges are…

2022-05-05 - Xperi Holding Corp.

Xperi and LAPIS Enter into Hybrid Bonding License Agreement

Adeia and LAPIS have signed a technology transfer agreement, which includes the DBI Ultra die-to-wafer hybrid bonding know-how.

2022-05-03 - SEMI

Unisem Wins MEMS Packaging Process Showdown at MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress

Unisem showcased unique designs and effective packaging techniques to meet the needs of a wide range of MEMS and sensors…

2022-04-13 - VeriSilicon

VeriSilicon Joins the UCIe Industry Consortium

VeriSilicon has officially joined the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) industry consortium.

2022-04-11 - Gary Hilson

Chiplets Get a Formal Standard with UCIe 1.0

The recently announced UCIe 1.0 specification provides a complete standardized die–to–die interconnect with physical layer, protocol stack, software model, and…

2022-01-12 - ACN Newswire

Tanaka Denshi Kogyo to Establish New Plant in China

Tanaka Denshi Kogyo will establish a new plant in Hangzhou, China, for the production of aluminum bonding wires for power…