2022-02-07 - IC Insights

O-S-D Revenues Surge in 2021

Global sales of optoelectronics, sensors and actuators, and discrete semiconductors each climbed to record-high levels in 2021.

2022-01-13 - TrendForce

Mobile Phone Camera Module Shipments Forecast to Reach 4.92B in 2022

Annual smartphone camera module shipments are expected to reach 4.92 billion units, reflecting a 2% (YoY) growth.

2021-12-14 - Eric Mounier and Alexis Debray

Silicon Photonics Sticks Its Head Above the Parapet

Yole initially reported on silicon photonics applications in 2011. It is interesting to compare our vision at that time with…

2021-11-03 - IC Insights

Surges Seen in Sensors and Discrete Semiconductors this Year

Tight supplies drive up prices and sales of many widely used parts in these market segments, but moderate growth in…

2021-10-22 - TCA

Future Tech Lights Up New Horizons

Future Tech has schemed out six themed areas and two special feature areas this year, with more than 350 technologies…

2021-09-01 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Photonic Chips for Fault-Tolerance Quantum Computing

The collaboration between Xanadu and Imec involves fabricating low-loss silicon nitride circuits that can correct qubit errors and increase capacity.

2021-06-07 - Nitin Dahad

KU Leuven Unveils First Commercial PMF Transceiver Module

KU Leuven has successfully tested a polymer microwave fiber transceiver module; it should cut costs in data centers. An EE…

2021-05-14 - IC Insights

CMOS Image Sensor Market to Return to Growth After 2020 Slowdown

IC Insights forecasts CMOS image sensor revenues to regain strong high-growth momentum in 2021, climbing by 19% to $22.8 billion,…

2021-05-04 - ASML Holding NV

ASML Sells Technical Glass Division of Subsidiary Berliner Glas Group

ASML Holding NV has divested its subsidiary Berliner Glas Group's technical glass division to Glas Trösch Group.

2021-04-20 - ACN Newswire

Dye-based Device Sees the Invisible

Devices that can see shortwave infrared light, which is invisible to the naked eye, could soon become cheaper and more…

2021-01-20 - TrendForce

LED Chip Prices Spiking Due to Higher Demand for Mini LED

Shortage caused by explosive growth in Mini LED demand to result in 5-10% price hike for LED chips, says TrendForce...

2021-01-20 - Sally Ward-Foxton

How AI Is Supercharging the Scientific Method

IBM has supercharged the scientific method, using AI to discover new materials with a fraction of the time and budget...