2022-03-07 - Magnachip Semiconductor Corp.

Magnachip Commences Full-Scale Mass Production of OLED DDIC for OLED TVs

Magnachip has commenced full-scale mass production of an OLED display driver integrated circuit (OLED DDIC) for OLED TVs.

2020-10-09 - Strategy Analytics

Samsung Display Captures 50% Revenue Share to Lead the Smartphone Display Panel Market in 1H20

High-end OLED panels are driving growth...

2020-05-29 - LEDinside

Cost Competitiveness of Mini LED Backlight Display May Surpass OLED by 2022

As manufacturers continue to make improvements in process technology and yield rate, the cost of Mini LED backlight displays is…

2020-05-12 - WitsView

Penetration Rate of AMOLED Smartphones Expected to Reach 35.6% in 2020

Penetration rate of AMOLED smartphones expected to reach 35.6% in 2020 as brands increase panel adoption, says Trendforce...

2019-01-17 - WitsView

TV Panel Price Decline May Stop in 2Q19

Stock-up demand may arrive earlier than expected, TV panel price decline may stop in 2Q19, says WitsView.

2018-07-31 - Rick Merritt

OLED Displays Fold in Smartphones – Literally

Bendable OLED displays ready for mass market in 2019

2017-09-16 - Junko Yoshida

MicroLED Pits Big Apple vs. Tiny LED Chips

The emergence of new display technology such as microLED will change not only the face of mobile devices but also…