2022-03-14 - Robert Oshana

The Building Blocks of Edge Computing

The IoT has rapidly gained a profile in our everyday lives as its phenomenal growth has enabled the connection of…

2021-11-17 - Stephen Las Marias

NXP Bags Six Honors at EE Awards Asia

NXP Semiconductors has received six awards for its MCU, IoT cybersecurity IC, power semiconductor, and RF/wireless IC at the inaugural…

2021-10-01 - Osvaldo Romero, NXP Semiconductors

Applying Over-the-Air Updates Safely in Automotive ECUs

In consumer products, the consequences of failed over-the-air updates are low, but can they also be used in a high-reliability,…

2021-09-02 - NXP Semiconductors

Balancing the Trade-offs of Making 5G a Working Reality

5G is more than just an overlay on the previous generation—it's a seismic shift that brings fundamental change at every…

2021-08-24 - Jean-Philippe Meunier, NXP Semiconductors

The Missing Link to Safely Power All ECUs

Automotive system complexity continues to rise with the use of high-computing-performance MCUs and SoCs to deliver innovative applications and features.

2021-03-24 - Nitin Dahad

Infineon and NXP Resume Production at Austin Fabs After Winter Storms

Austin fabs are in the process of recovering and restarting, but lost production will impact revenues.

2021-03-15 - Junko Yoshida

NXP BlueBox 3.0 to Enable “Differentiated Vehicles”

NXP Semiconductors' BlueBox 3.0 automotive development platform doubles the embedded computing power of BlueBox 2.0 and boosts I/O and PCIe…