2016-09-11 - Peter Clarke

UMC inks new deal to expand MEMS business

New partner Asia Pacific Microsystems has its own 6-inch wafer fab.

2016-09-11 - Rick Merritt

Jack is dead: Apple unveils first wireless SoC

The company’s new wireless AirPods and three new wireless Beats headphones include a custom chip called the W1.

2016-09-09 - KAIST

Roll-process technology packages flexible silicon ICs

The final silicon-based flexible NAND memory demonstrates stable memory operations and interconnections even under severe bending conditions.

2016-09-09 - None

Indonesia’s PMI crosses 50-point mark in August

An above 50 PMI reading means "economic expansion," while below 50 "points towards contraction."

2016-09-06 - Rich Quinnell

Consider using robots for mundane supply chain tasks

Systems handling SAP and MRP need overarching management by human operators, but most of these manual operations can also be…

2016-09-05 - Peter Clarke

WD picks 3D-stacked ReRAM for storage class memory

Western Digital plans to release storage-class memory products based on 3D ReRAM within a couple of years.

2016-09-05 - Peter Clarke

TSMC pure-play foundry market share drops in 2016

Tower Semiconductor and SMIC will benefit the most from a 9% jump in the size of the pure-play foundry market…

2016-09-04 - Rick Merritt

Upstart energy fuels Hot Chips event

The best news of all comes from a handful of talks by young people in or emerging from academia. Their…

2016-09-04 - Rick Merritt

Hot Chips: Sharper pictures with quantum dots

The highly sensitive dots provide wider dynamic range and work in a broader spectrum area that silicon.

2016-08-31 - Technavio

APAC semiconductor companies drive global EDA market growth

Global EDA market is expected to grow at 8.25% CAGR in the 2016-2020 period.

2016-08-31 - None

India gets Huawei’s biggest global service centre

Huawei has GSCs in China, Romania and Mexico, but the Bengaluru site is expected to handle the highest number of…

2016-08-30 - Proton Motor

Why hydrogen fuel cells make a difference in EV engines

The key difference between the FC REEV and a regular hybrid car is an important one—hydrogen.