2020-10-20 - Sunny Bains

Neuromorphic Sensor Fusion Grants Robots Precise Sense of Touch

Researchers at the National University of Singapore recently demonstrated the advantages of using neuromorphic sensor fusion to help robots grip…

2020-10-19 - Maxim Integrated

Neural Network Accelerator Chip Enables IoT AI in Battery-Powered Devices

MAX78000 reduces energy consumption and latency by a factor of over 100 to enable complex embedded inference decisions at the…

2020-09-14 - Steve Teig

Debunking the Myths and Facts About AI Models

In reality, the most popular methods for assessing the accuracy of an AI model aren’t as trustworthy as you might…

2020-08-06 - Sally Ward-Foxton

AI Startup Grows TENSAI Flow Toolchain for AIoT SoCs

Eta Compute’s tool chain has gained a compiler and middleware that streamline edge AI development...

2020-07-06 - Sunny Bains

Neuromorphic Videos to Binge-Watch During Lockdown

A list of neuromorphic video clips curated to introduce you to some key neuromorphic computing approaches, platforms, and players...

2020-06-02 - Brian Santo

Arm Cortex-X1 and Cortex-A78 CPUs Revealed

The A78 is the company's most powerful IC yet for smartphones, but Arm is finally taking orders for even more…

2020-04-16 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Hardware-Software Co-Design to Accelerate Binarized Neural Networks

BNNs, on threshold of commercialization, will drastically reduce model memory footprint for endpoint applications...

2020-04-08 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Startup Finds Ways to Bring AI to the Edge

Perceive's chip uses information theory to run multiple large heterogeneous networks simultaneously...

2020-01-30 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Kneron’s Next-Gen Edge AI Chip Gets $40m Boost

Second AI accelerator chip expected this summer.

2020-01-20 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Reports Suggest Apple Has Acquired Xnor

Seattle startup runs AI on tiny embedded devices

2020-01-17 - Gary Hilson

Is ReRAM Ready?

There’s much potential for ReRAM, but it’s still not in wide production.

2019-12-18 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Latest AI Algorithms Presented at NeurIPS

Advances will help machines identify objects and figure out how to work together, improve their ability to understand language, and…