2016-12-02 - TE Connectivity

Press-fit stacking connectors match VPX daughtercard layout

Press-fit stacking connectors satisfy the need for 10Gb/s digital signals in high density packaging.

2016-11-03 - Rick Merritt

US sets up chip study group exploring China, Moore’s law

The group will look at ways to strengthen the U.S. industry in the face of competition from China and the…

2016-11-03 - Rick Merritt

Chip study group reviews US semicon competitiveness

The SIA has long lobbied to lower U.S. statutory tax rates which at 35% are higher than rates of competing…

2016-11-02 - Vishay Intertechnology

Thin film chip resistor delivers up to 3MΩ resistance

The device offers a low voltage coefficient of 0.1ppm/V, power dissipation ratings from 150mW to 1W and 75V to 200V…

2016-10-17 - Susan Nordyk

3-axis MEMS accelerometers detect structural defects

The analog-output ADXL354 and digital-output ADXL355 offer selectable measurement ranges of ±2g to ±8g and low 0g offset drift.

2016-10-13 - Yole Developpement

GaN power business to top $280M in 2021

The GaN power market, however, remains small compared to the gigantic $335 billion silicon semiconductor market.

2016-06-09 - Vicor

Vicor unveils 500W isolated, regulated DC-DC converters

The DCM family now includes two 270V and two 28V nominal products to target industrial and process control markets, distributed…

2016-06-06 - Julien Happich

Mobile SLAM for drones boast 1kHz update frequencies

Terabee, a French remote and proximity sensing solutions company boasts of its new stand-alone device with update frequencies up to…

2016-05-31 - Brian Dipert

Editor’s choice: top 10 drones

Drones are getting increasingly inexpensive by the day as new suppliers enter the market. Learn more about different kinds of…

2016-05-23 - Linear Technology

24W monolithic flyback regulator works up to 100V

The LT8304 from Linear Technology has a 2A/150V integrated DMOS power switch and targets telecom, datacom, automotive, industrial, medical and…