2023-02-01 - TrendForce

Global Server Shipment Growth Forecast for 2023 Lowered to 1.87%

TrendForce has lowered the YoY growth rate of their total server procurement quantity for this year from the original projection…

2022-12-02 - Dan Jones

It’s About Time to Begin Foundational 6G Research

Nokia, Microsoft, and Qualcomm executives presented at the Brooklyn 6G Summit.

2022-03-08 - Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express

Industry Leaders Join Forces to Standardize Chiplet Ecosystem

Industry leaders have formed a consortium that will establish a die-to-die interconnect standard and foster an open chiplet ecosystem.

2021-04-20 - Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft to Establish First Datacenter Region in Malaysia

As part of its "Bersama Malaysia" (Together with Malaysia) initiative, Microsoft will establish its first datacenter region in the country…

2021-03-02 - STMicroelectronics

Extreme Low-Power MCU with Advanced Performance and Cybersecurity Features

STMicroelectronics' new extreme power-saving MCUs meet the most demanding power/performance requirements for smart applications.