2018-07-31 - Gary Hilson

GDDR6 Finding ML and AI Uses

...Once it hits the market

2018-07-29 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

SK Hynix Investing in DRAM Production

$3.1 billion USD to be invested in new memory fab at its South Korean headquarters

2018-07-10 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

UMC vs Micron: Appeal Expected

Micron discontent with preliminary injunction

2018-07-02 - EE Times Asia

ASEAN, IoT and Market Outlooks

We ponder the state of the ASEAN semiconductor market in broad strokes

2018-07-02 - Gary Hilson

NOR’s Automotive Future

"In a high performing system, you can't use any other non-volatile memory besides NOR flash," says Macronix's senior director of…

2018-06-21 - Paula Doe, SEMI

Blog: New Memories Seek Embedded Use

Emerging memories likely will find high-volume markets in embedded applications replacing NOR flash for storing code in MCUs and ASICs.

2018-06-11 - Jeongdong Choe, Senior Technical Fellow, Techinsights

Deep Inside SK’s 72-Layer NAND

Senior TechInsights analyst picks apart SK Hynix's 72-layer 256Gb NAND

2018-05-23 - Rick Merritt

Unisantis and IMEC Shrink SRAM Cells

Startup working with IMEC demonstrates the smallest SRAM cells to date.

2018-05-18 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

ReRAM Boosted by Microsemi License Deal

ReRAM tech touted as a candidate for embedded memory applications in fields such as comms, AI and automotive

2018-05-18 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

China Approves Toshiba Memory Sale

$18 billion memory business sale expected to conclude within weeks

2018-05-03 - Gary Hilson

STT Increases MRAM Spin-Torque Efficiency

Data retention capabilities higher, power draw lower, as Spin Transfer Technologies hones its tech

2018-05-02 - Rick Merritt

In-Memory Processing Making AI-Fueled Comeback

In-memory computing could propel new AI accelerators to be 10,000 faster than today's GPUs